Posts Tagged ‘college search’ Adds Map Feature to Semantic Search, a semantic college search engine, has announced “the release of search by map, allowing users to refine any of their searches visually. This new search feature leverages their existing search technology and page layout. It is activated by users checking a box above the map view of their search results. Once activated the map search technology will automatically update a user’s search results as the map is moved around.” Read more

New Semantic Search Engine:

According to a recent article, “ is a new college and college degree semantic search engine available for anyone to use. With over 7,000 colleges and 200,000 college program listings available, this location aware search engine aims to be the easiest way to find a college program of interest nearby.” It continues, “This website offers a fast, simple way to quickly find college programs by city or neighborhood. The key to this simplicity is the natural English language searching it supports, for example, the search ‘nursing programs near atlanta’ will locate 16 colleges in the Atlanta, Georgia region offering a variety of Nursing programs. This friendly way of searching is designed to empower and encourage users to quickly find the right college.” Read more