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AI System with the Common Sense of a Four Year Old

Pete Swabey of Information Age reports, “Computers, as we have all experienced, can seem highly intelligent and infuriatingly ignorant at the same time. One reason is that they lack even the most straightforward understanding of the way the world works. In artificial intelligence, this understanding is referred to as ‘common sense’. It has been described as ‘common knowledge about the world that is possessed by every schoolchild and the methods for making obvious inferences from this knowledge’. There are number of AI systems that seek to advance the common sense of computers. Perhaps the most famous is IBM’s Watson, a question answering system that learns facts and relationships about the world from encyclopaedias and the Internet.” Read more

Doug Lenat – I was positively impressed with Wolfram Alpha

Stephen Wolfram generously gave me a two-hour demo of Wolfram Alpha last evening, and I was quite positively impressed.  As he said, it’s not AI, and not aiming to be, so it shouldn’t be measured by contrasting it with HAL or Cyc but with Google or Yahoo. 

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