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Semantic Technology Jobs: MIT Lincoln Laboratory

MIT Lincoln Laboratory

MIT Lincoln Laboratory is looking for a Computational Linguist in Cambridge, MA. According to the post, “The Human Language Technology Group is engaged in a wide range of information processing projects focusing on speech and language processing, text processing, and biometrics… The selected candidate will be the lead developer of acoustic and language models for ASR-systems in multiple languages. Selectees will be building models using MIT/LL’s existing ASR engines and will be adding NLP and text pre/post-processing modules to improve keyword search and language model performance.” Read more

Persado Adds Renowned Columbia University Academic to its Team of Advisers

Aug 7, 2013, 8:00am — Persado, the global leader of Marketing Language Engineering, has announced that Michael Collins, computational linguist from Columbia University, has been appointed as a special adviser.

Collins is a seasoned researcher with a strong background in the field of natural language processing and machine learning. His research is focused on statistical parsing problems, structured prediction problems in machine learning, and applications including machine translation, dialog systems and speech recognition. Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: RightNow and Apple

RightNow is looking for a Computational Linguist in California: “As a computational linguist you will work on the intersection of linguistics and computer science. The ideal candidate understands the structure of languages and is able to encode linguistic information for automated processing. As a computational linguist you deliver customer projects, but also contribute to the general improvement of the RightNow Intent Guide, which offers consumers outstanding web self-service by truly understanding what they ask for. You develop linguistic resources, such as dictionaries, grammars, and semantic hierarchies, which are tuned for specific languages, verticals or customers, you continuously improve the performance of our Natural Language Processing technology in specific customer projects, and you advise on the best way to further advance the technology and the linguistic resources it uses.” Read more

Open Jobs in Semantics

NexGen Solutions is looking for a Lead Web Developer in San Francisco, CA. The responsibilities of this position include, “Lead web development of core features for a next generation analytics and reports application focused on the life sciences domain. Define and drive the overall web architecture, including integration of semantically structured healthcare and biomedical content and user-contributed content. Lead developer of the web application tier, including selection and use of web frameworks and horizontally-scalable system architectures as appropriate. Responsible for architecture and scalability of application tier and for guiding the team’s designs with an eye toward scalability issues. Design and development of core application features, adapting from best-of-breed Web 2.0 examples whenever possible.” Read more

Hot Jobs in Semantics

OSCBThe Semantics Technology and Applications Research Laboratory (STARLab) at Vrije Universiteit Brussel is offering a Junior Research Position in the field of knowledge management, open data, and linked data: “The candidate will be working on the Open Semantic Cloud for Brussels (OSCB) project funded by the Brussels Institute for Research and Innovation… Open Semantic Cloud for Brussels aims to cover Brussels, metaphorically speaking of course, with a cloud of structured and interlinked information elements produced by “atomizing” a collection of relevant databases and other resources.” This salaried one-year position calls for someone with at least a Master’s in Computer Science. Read more