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IDC Reports that 80% of Consumer Data is Wasted


Beth Schultz of Information Week recently wrote, “If you’ve taken a look at the latest A2 infographic, Listening to the Voice of the Customer, you know of the disconnect between marketing’s desire to become customer-centric and its ability to get there. Heck, even if you’re not in marketing, you can well imagine the challenge. Marketing has to be in charge of the customer’s digital experience, yet digital life is changing at a rapid pace. While the customer voice grows ever stronger, it’s coming from many directions and in many forms. Marketing’s view remains largely channelized, and rather myopic as a result.” Read more

Networked Insights Announces Trial Program for SocialSense

Networked Insights reports that the company has launched an innovator trial program for its SocialSense semantic platform. According to the article, “SocialSense is the first platform that places smart and actionable real-time consumer insights into the hands of brand advertisers as well as media and entertainment companies. The platform leverages Networked Insights‘ years of expertise developing solutions for the world’s most innovative brand marketers, enabling real-time marketing decisions that keep brands in-sync with their target audiences. The result is improved brand planning, targeting, messaging and activations.” Read more

BigVoice Announces Big Data Analysis Platform

Digital marketing agency BigVoice Unlimited has announced a new Big Data analysis platform. According to the company, the platform is “a comprehensive set of consumer research tools and methodologies designed to deliver more meaningful web-based consumer insight & brand information. At BigVoice our goal is to help our clients improve the accuracy and efficiency of marketing activities by providing fast, cost-effective digital solutions for consumer research, strategic planning, and measurement analytics. Our new Big Data Analysis platform utilizes patented technology to capture timely and precise consumer insight from the web and social media that can be used to more effectively reach, attract and engage consumers to accelerate business growth.” Read more

Networked Insights Launches Audience Sync

Networked Insights has launched Audience Sync, a new platform that “uncovers actionable insights in real-time data to sync with consumers and optimize marketing.” The article elaborates, “Given the widespread adoption of social media as a means to communicate preference and interests, the challenge for brand marketers today is no longer finding consumer data, it’s uncovering actionable insights in that data. To address this growing need, Networked Insights is launching Audience Sync, a new service platform that uses advanced semantic-based analytics to synchronize real-time consumer feedback and translate it into actionable marketing insights.” Read more

Crystal Semantics Unleases Its Semantic Targeting Technology in AppNexus

Crystal Semantics, a pioneer of semantic advertising solutions recently announced the “deployment of its leading semantic targeting technology within AppNexus, the real-time advertising platform used by ad networks, demand-side platforms, and other leading online advertising companies.”

According to the article, “The co-operation enables clients of the AppNexus platform to target campaign relevant content by selecting from Crystal Semantics 3800+ semantic categories to optimize their display advertising campaigns. Read more

Smartphone Apps and Big Data

A new Financial Times article discusses the rise of the smartphone app and the data they collect: “Displaying up-to-the-minute information on everything from train times to cinema schedules, apps have in short order become a ubiquitous feature of smartphones. To most users, they are simply useful and entertaining tools. As well as providing users with information, however, these mobile software applications are also insatiable data-gatherers. Even the most mundane apps often collect a surprising amount from handsets just to do their jobs. This has put them at the forefront of a fast-evolving science based on the business use of consumer data. If there is commercial advantage to be gained, it seems, almost nothing is too insignificant to be collected and analysed.” Read more