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Not a Keyword, But a Conversation: The Future of Search

Google HummingbirdDaniel Newman of Forbes recently wrote, “In the future, and really even today, the most qualified and successful searches are going to be driven by conversations. When Google Hummingbird was launched, Google used the idea of conversation rather than keyword as one of the biggest evolutions taking place with the new algorithm.  So rather than thinking of search in terms of just the keywords given, Google can now look for meaning behind the words that you enter in your search query. In my last post on the subject I talked about a couple searching out a dining experience and how rather than plugging in just words like ‘Steakhouse’ or ‘Chicago,’ they would today look to plug in ‘Where can we get a great steak in Chicago?’” Read more

No More Imaginary Friends: This Teddy Bear Actually Talks to Your Kids

Russell Holly of reports, “If you’re one of the many who experience the first generation Furby toys in your childhood, you can stop cringing now. Supertoy Teddy is an attempt at Siri-style natural language communication inside a WiFi-enabled teddy bear. Smartphones are trying really hard to feel more like personal assistants in some really basic ways right now. Siri and Google Now serve different purposes for some people, but they both rely on offsite processing of natural language for commands. You speak into your phone, and the command happens quite quickly in most cases, but the actual processing of that information happens elsewhere. As a result, it is difficult to put this kind of technology in what would otherwise seem like really obvious places.” Read more