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New Supercomputer at Lawrence Livermore Available for Collaborative Research


Donald B. Johnston of reports, “Catalyst, a first-of-a-kind supercomputer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), is available to industry collaborators to test big data technologies, architectures and applications. Developed by a partnership of Cray, Intel and Lawrence Livermore, this Cray CS300 high performance computing (HPC) cluster is available for collaborative projects with industry through Livermore’s High Performance Computing Innovation Center (HPCIC). ‘Over the next decade, global data volume is forecasted to reach more than 35 zettabytes,’ (a zettabyte is a trillion gigabytes) said Fred Streitz, director of the HPCIC. ‘That enormous amount of unstructured data provides an opportunity. But how do we extract value and inform better decisions out of that wealth of raw information?’ ” Read more

SemTech Spotlight: Cray Inc.

Steve Scott, CTO of Cray will be on hand at next week’s Semantic Technology Conference to discuss Cray’s Extreme Multithreaded Technology (XMT) System. According to the article, “The Cray XMT System is designed specifically to run challenging big data graph analytics workloads that bring traditional systems to their knees. Many problems in the semantic space are particularly well suited for this system and the Cray XMT holds the promise of advancing the application of semantic technologies to big data analysis. This talk will describe the motivation, architecture and potential application areas for this unique machine.” Read more