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Semantic Web Jobs: Mapjects


Mapjects is looking for a Data Analyst in Washington, DC. The post states, “Mapjects is a leading centralized logistics operations portal platform. The platform servers franchises with ERP components that suite the franchise business needs. Mapjects Clearview platform provide one-click distribution, logistics and analysis products to enrich and visualize big data sets from warehousing, fulfillment, fraud detection, payment technology and b2b eCommerce. Mapjects is seeking a NoSql data analyst or data developer.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Genesis10


Genesis10 is looking for a Data Analyst for a six month contract position in Charleston, NC. According to the post, responsibilities of this position include: “Data Analyst / data modeler role:  7+ years data analysis experience. Translates business concepts into semantic/data model as common glossary across Wholesale Credit. Developing business terminology into conceptual data models. Creating a level of abstraction from physical terminology into generalized concepts that are still relevant to the business.” Read more