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Semantic Web Job: Data Engineer

Oxford University Press logoOxford University Press needs a data engineer. The job description states:

“To design and implement XML data structures, devise XML strategies, and through expert content analysis, facilitate the electronic and print production, publication, and licensing of OUP’s books, journals and dictionaries content.
• Analyze OUP and licensed texts, and the requirements for their production, online functionality and presentation, and general electronic use, to:
• Determine appropriate data structures to support those requirements (content and metadata),
• Devise quality control rules and processes,
• Design tools and workflows required by staff in Editorial and Production to produce, capture, and enhance the data.
• Write transformation scripts to convert source data into OUP standard data structures that meets the agreed data quality standards for publishing and licensing.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Spotify

Spotify is looking for a Data Engineer in New York, NY. According to the post, “Spotify is looking for experienced data engineers to join us in NYC on our mission to create the world’s best music player. As a Data Engineer, your job is to work with huge data sets and analyze data using algorithms and machine learning. You will help us improve music recommendations, build top lists, forecast ad delivery, identify trends, and much more. We work on large scale systems processing terabytes of data every day, using a wide range of tools. The data infrastructure is an integral part of Spotify’s backend architecture and it powers most of the user facing features. Some challenging tasks include scaling music recommendations up to millions of users, or how to push out thousands of updates per second to users in real time.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Life Cycle Engineering

Life Cycle Engineering is looking for a Data Engineer in Charleston, SC. The post states, “Life Cycle Engineering provides consulting, engineering, applied technology and education solutions that deliver lasting results for private industry, public entities, government organizations and the military. The quality, expertise and dedication of our employees enables Life Cycle Engineering to serve as a trusted resource for reliability consulting and services, net-centric solutions, engineering and technical services, integrated logistics support services, program support services and education. The Data Engineer will provide solutions-based information technology services to the Department of Defense (DoD) including data modeling, system engineering and semantic data engineering.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman is looking for a Data Engineer in Newport News, VA. The post states, “The Air and Space Operations Center (AOC) Weapon System (WS) is the Joint Forces Air Component Commander’s (JFACC) primary Command and Control (C2) node to develop the air and space operations strategies and plans to meet the Combat Commander’s objectives… This versatile integration engineer will support the process of operational thread composition using tools from the new AOC-WS 10.2 infrastructure. They will use strong development skills to build mediations, business process flows, business rules, event scripts, and other glue code. They will design and compose operational mission threads using infrastructure subsystems, and AOC mission application interfaces & SOA services. This combination of development, integration, and operational focus makes these positions similar to the emerging DevOps discipline.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: The Efficiency Network

The Efficiency Network is looking for a Data Engineer in Carnegie, PA. The post states, “We are looking to add a new team member to help design and develop a smart data repository with machine intelligence focused on the energy efficiency (in buildings) sector. Help design and create OWL2 based ontologies that capture expert knowledge and put it to use through our enterprise. Experience with first order logic and the Semantic Web set of technologies (SPARQL, RDF, OWL) is a must. Experience with machine learning and statistical programming is a plus. This person must be capable of transform his or her own ideas into reality with agile speed.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: 80 Legs & KMi

80 Legs is looking for a Systems Operations Engineer and a Data Engineer in Houston, TX. A qualified candidates for the Systems Operations Engineer position “Takes on the challenge of understanding and monitoring a complex, high-performance back-end infrastructure. Is constantly looking for ways to improve the performance of back-end operations and make monitoring those systems more efficient. Has a combination of development and systems experience.” The Data Engineer candidate “Understands and has experience with big data technologies (e.g., NoSQL, Hadoop). Has a solid understanding of data structures. Gets excited when working with unfathomably large data sets and computational challenges they present.” Read more