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Driverless Cars Coming to the Streets of UK Town, Milton Keynes


A new article out of Information Daily reports, “Milton Keynes may see driverless cars on its roads in 12-18 months, says Geoff Snelson, Strategy Director of MK Smart, the innovation programme being run in the city. The driverless two-person pods are one of the outputs of the MK Smart programme, which is a collaboration between a number of organisations including the Open University (which is located in Milton Keynes) and BT. Central to the project is the creation of the ‘MK Data Hub’, which will support the acquisition and management of vast amounts of data relevant to city systems from a variety of data sources. As well as transport data, these will include data about energy and water consumption, data acquired through satellite technology, social and economic datasets, and crowd-sourced data from social media or specialised apps. Building on the capability provided by the MK Data Hub, the project will innovate in the areas of transport, energy and water management, tackling key demand issues.” Read more

CKAN Data Hubs Around the World

Mark Wainwright of CKAN reports, “The last few months have seen a lot of activity in Open Data round the world, and a corresponding clutch of new CKAN data hubs and portals in Austria, Brazil, the US, and elsewhere. Here is a quick roundup. There is a (fairly) complete list of all CKAN portals here.” First in the roundup is Brazil: “The Brazilian government now has an official open data portal at It was built with CKAN by the Ministry of Planning, with help from the Brazilian chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation. The Brazilian Senate has also used CKAN to set up its own open data portal.” Read more