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Machine Learning’s Future: Fortune 500 Buys In, Manufacturing Sees The Light

STServerMartin Hack, CEO and co-founder of machine learning company Skytree, has a prediction to make: “In the next three to five years we will see a machine learning system in every Fortune 500 company.” In fact, he says, it’s already happening, and not just among the high-tech companies in that ranking but also among the “bread and butter” enterprises.

“They know they need advanced analytics to get ahead in the game or stay competitive,” Hack says. For that, he says, they need machine learning algorithms for analyzing their Big Data sets, and they need to be able to deploy them quickly and easily — even if those who will be doing the deployments are coming from at best a background of basic analytics and business intelligence.

“There just aren’t enough data scientists to go around,” he says. It’s very tough to fill those roles in most companies, he says, “so like it or not, we have to make it much, much easier for people to digest and use this.”

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Semantic Technology Jobs: Teradata


Teradata is looking for a Data Scientist – Text Analytics in San Diego, CA. According to the post, “Teradata Aster is seeking experienced individuals with demonstrated capability in the applied analytic and/or data science space.  Proficiency in data manipulation, analytic algorithms, advanced math, and/or statistical modeling is required and application development experience a plus. We are looking for exceptional individuals to join our Professional Services team as an Analytic Data Scientists. This client-facing role will be engaged in the design and deployment of solutions. The key requirement is demonstrated capability in applied analytics, with MapReduce and database experience being preferred.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Spartz


Spartz is searching for a Data Scientist in Chicago, IL. The post states, “We’re one of the fastest-growing companies in Chicago. The Spartz Network, including OMG Facts, GivesMeHope, and MuggleNet, attracts 17 million readers across a dozen websites, mobile sites, and apps. You’ll be responsible for: Helping evolve an advanced feature testing process for all new major and experimental features and products including observing the critical metrics central to our business. Analyzing existing data points & proactively finding your own data points to improve a product or overall product line. Fine-tuning product settings in order to optimize KPIs. Periodically providing site health diagnostics for each product.” Read more

Data Scientists Now Can Get A Second Opinion On Machine Learning Problems

rsz_opinion2pixEarlier this month The Semantic Web Blog provided a look at Skytree’s machine learning-as-a-platform approach (see story here). This week, the vendor launched in limited beta a program to help businesses partner up their data scientists and analytics professionals with its software and data scientists. It’s dubbed Second Opinion, and The Semantic Web Blog conducted an email interview with co-founder and CEO Martin Hack about the new effort.

Semantic Web Blog: Is this service available only to existing customers?

Hack: Skytree Second Opinion is for both existing and new customers, essentially everyone  interested in gaining firsthand experience with the power of machine learning, and how advanced analytics can give them greater insight into their data.

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Semantic Web Jobs: The Spartz Network

Spartz is looking for a Data Scientist in Chicago, IL. According to the post, “The Spartz Network, including OMG Facts, GivesMeHope, and MuggleNet, attracts 17 million readers across a dozen websites, mobile sites, and apps. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Chicago, the company is one of the fastest-growing digital media publishers. The Spartz brands have over 12 million followers on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Our communities are passionate and loyal – 60% of our young, highly engaged audience visits a Spartz site every day… So, you want a challenge? How about processing and analyzing all of the data that comes from running 25+ high traffic web sites? What about coming to work every day knowing that our product cycles are measured in hours and days compared to weeks and months at other companies? If that sounds like fun, we’d love to talk to you.  We need someone to help us make sense of all this data.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: is looking for a Data Scientist in Oakland, CA. The post states, “ is looking for a Data Scientist to join a research-oriented team in the Oakland, CA office. The Data Scientist will join a horizontal team supporting the core language technologies, which power the search- and database-driven question answering solutions as well as the algorithmic language processing infrastructure for the Q&A community and mobile applications. This position represents a excellent opportunity for you to tackle complex problems and deliver ‘real world’ solutions. We are looking for someone who is passionate, a self-starter and has demonstrated the ability to thrive in a fast paced environment.” Read more

Semantic Tech: It’s Moving Mainstream, Playing To The Data-Is-An-Asset Crowd, And Living Life Out Loud

At the recent SemTech conference in NYC, The Semantic Web Blog had an opportunity to ask some leaders in the field about where semantic technology has been, and where it’s going.

David Wood, CTO, 3RoundStones:

The short take: Hiring has been on in a big way at semantic tech players as enterprises are moving in greater numbers to buy semantic software, recognizing their traditional vendors won’t solve their interoperability issues. Sem tech vendors should have a happy 2013 as semantics continues going mainstream.

The full take:

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Semantic Web Jobs: Amazon

Amazon is looking for a Data Scientist in Seattle, WA. The post states, “Are you a data analysis ninja? can you seamlessly transition between OLAP/Relational, Graph/RDF and Hive/EMR without breaking a sweat? want to dive deep into the world’s largest financial/contract transaction system and help formalize our ability to make it automatically actionable for our mission critical LOB systems? This is a new effort within Vendor Systems that requires the ability to work independently and efficiently and come up with solutions that are sustainable and efficient and directly impact Amazon’s bottom line, if you want to leave a mark on the future of Amazon, this is your chance.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Open Data Institute

The Open Data Institute has Multiple Openings in Shoreditch, UK. According to the institute, “The UK is the first country in the world to create a body solely dedicated to the business of utilising Open Data. The world’s first Open Data Institute (ODI) is being established and will incubate, nurture and mentor new businesses exploiting Open Data for economic growth. Read more

Hadoop Meets Semantic Technology: Data Scientists Win

Hadoop is on almost every enterprise’s radar – even if they’re not yet actively engaged with the platform and its advantages for Big Data efforts. Analyst firm IDC earlier this year said the market for software related to the Hadoop and MapReduce programming frameworks for large-scale data analysis will have a compound annual growth rate of more than sixty percent between 2011 and 2016, rising from $77 million to more than $812 million.

Yet, challenges remain to leveraging all the possibilities of Hadoop, an Apache Software Foundation open source project, especially as it relates to empowering the data scientist. Hadoop is composed of two sub-projects: HDFS, a distributed file system built on a cluster of commodity hardware so that data stored in any node can be shared across all the servers, and the MapReduce framework for processing the data stored in those files.

Semantic technology can help solve many of the  challenges, Michael A. Lang Jr., VP, Director of Ontology Engineering Services at Revelytix, Inc., told an audience gathered at the Semantic Technology & Business Conference in New York City yesterday.

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