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OCLC & Europeana Collaborate to Create Semantic Links

According to a new article, “OCLC and Europeana are collaborating to investigate ways of creating semantic links between the millions of digital objects that are accessible online through in order to improve ‘similar object’ browsing. Europeana is Europe’s digital library, archive and museum. The Europeana platform and network of experts facilitate research and knowledge exchange between librarians, curators and archivists, and link them with digital innovators and the creative industries. Europeana currently gives people access to over 24 million books, paintings, films, recordings, photographs and archival records from 2,200 partner organizations, through an interface in 29 languages.” Read more

Datasift Announces Wikistats

Datasift recently announced a new feature, Wikistats, and added Wikipedia to the company’s list of data sources. The company reports, “Through, DataSift provides a real-time insight into the trending articles on Wikipedia in the last 24 hours. Just as we identified the most popular stories on Twitter when we created Tweetmeme, Wikistats is another great showcase of what’s possible with DataSift’s Social-Data platform. By filtering and analyzing the activity stream of new articles and edits on Wikipedia, we’re able to surface an insight into the top articles and content being created. As well as providing a view into all articles on Wikipedia, we use our NLP (Natural Language Processing) service to categorize articles into popular categories including technology, banking, celebrities, politics, sports, and more.” Read more

Dewey Decimal Classifications Now Available as LinkedData –

Michael Danzer reports that a new dataset has been added to “All assignable classes from DDC 23, the current full edition of the Dewey Decimal Classification, have been released as Dewey linked data. As was the case for the Abridged Edition 14 data, we define ‘assignable’ as including every schedule number that is not a span or a centered entry, bracketed or optional, with the hierarchical relationships adjusted accordingly. In short, these are numbers that you find attached to many WorldCat records as standard Dewey numbers (in 082 fields), as additional Dewey numbers (in 083 fields), or as number components (in 085 fields).” Read more

Introducing Inside Facebook’s 2012 Election Tracker

A great data set has been made available with WebMediaBrands’ 2012 Election Tracker. According to the article, “The Election Tracker, produced in association with Facebook, is published through, the leading news site covering the Facebook business and marketing ecosystem, and uses data provided by Facebook to track total fans and top gainers by party and by race.” Read more