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Semantic Web Jobs: Xentity Corporation


Xentity Corporation is looking for a GIS Data Systems Analyst in Denver, CO. According to the post, “We are looking for GIS-specific data analysts, data wranglers, data scientists with excellent leadership, technical, and subject matter expertise qualities.  We have projects lining up for clients with complex GIS data repositories with complicated data sources from feeds, sensors, and other systems. Many have data lifecycle challenges including legacy migration, metadata cleanup, data model design needs, and massive geoprocessing requirements including image processing, feature creation, classification, and derivative product generation. We have projects that are creating data and bigdata prototypes whether it be on CartoDB geospatial, D3 Sankeys and various libraries, feeding and harvesting RDF Triplets into catalogs, or integrating into SEO environments.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: MOSAIC Technologies

MOSAIC is looking for a Data Modeler in Denver, CO. The post states, “This position provides Data Modeling support to the Enterprise Logical Data Model (ELDM) and TechSIGINT modernization customer mission requirements, as necessary. Specific duties include: Perform semantic data modeling for the ELDM, TechSIGINT logical data model, and physical data model formats.  Skills needed include Semantics, Ontology, Epistemology, Resource Description Framework (RDF) Schema (RDFS), OWL based technologies, Hadoop, SPRQL, XML, XSD, and Data Warehouse, and Oracle, SQL, and relational theory.  Develop and maintain domain logical data model artifacts: Logical Data Models (LDM), Data Element Dictionaries (DED), Physical Data Models (PDM), Interface Control Documents (ICD), data format specifications, model release documentation, user guides, data harmonization and mappings.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Piper Enterprise Solutions

Piper Enterprise Solutions is looking for a Big Data Consultant in Denver, CO. The post states, “Piper Enterprise Solutions is searching for a Big Data – Big Insights Consultant. The Big Data – Big Insights Consultant will be responsible for successful delivery of industry specific BAO technology initiatives. The Big Data – Big Insights Consultant will provide hands-on technical assistance working with database developers, DBAs, architects, data quality analysts, and other teams as well as participate in Solution Designs. This position requires 75% US and Global Travel.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: AlchemyAPI

AlchemyAPI is looking for a C++ Engineer – AI/NLProc/Big Data in Denver, CO. The post states, “We’re looking for experience C++ engineers to join our team. If you can write multi-threaded code in your sleep — call us. If you love STL and Boost, come talk to us. If you enjoy writing performance-optimized code that must run reliably for years without memory leaks or segmentation faults, we want to talk to you. You’ll get an opportunity to work on some really interesting projects that have a major impact.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: ioSemantics, LLC

IoSemantics is looking for a Distinguished Software Engineer in Denver, CO. According to the post, this position is meant “to provide technical leadership to an innovative, dynamic and collaborative development team that is using static program analysis, automated reasoning and semantic analysis to maximize automation in system refactoring activities that are delivered via a technology platform that replaces traditional, expensive and error-prone manual programming processes.” Responsibilities include: “Assume a leadership role in planning and executing all phases of the development cycle through deployment and support of existing customers, and additional capabilities to meet new customer requirements. Collaborate with Product Management to balance multiple concurrent development initiatives, mixing new development and functional delivery with a strong commitment to providing accurate solutions with a high level of customer satisfaction.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: ISS

Intelligent Software Solutions is looking for a Lead Software Architect in Denver, CO. According to the post, “This is a Lead Architect position in ISS’ Advanced Technology Department which focuses on researching, developing, and deploying state of the art, automated analytical capabilities for use in intelligence, law enforcement, and counter terrorism operations. These capabilities include automated pattern discovery and recognition, advanced data fusion, behavior and normalcy modeling, text mining, knowledge management, temporal & probabilistic reasoning, and novel data visualizations for various government customers including DARPA, IARPA, AFRL, TSA, and NGA. This leadership will focus on prototyping, architecting, and deploying customized solutions centered around ISS’ new graph based analysis products.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Boeing

Boeing is searching for a Systems Engineer in Denver, CO. The post states, “The Boeing National Security Programs Team is seeking a talented and experienced Systems Engineer to work on programs in a growing portfolio of intelligence, security and information systems. Qualified Candidates will be required to have extensive working knowledge and practical use of data modeling techniques using Unified Modeling Language (UML) and XML technologies (XSDs and schemas, and XML generation), ontologies, and semanitics. Desired skills are superior interpersonal and communications skills and the ability to work with a wide variety of customers. Along with experience using Sybase PowerDesignera and knowledge of ELDM.” Read more