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Making Your Content Work for You in a Mobile World


Barbara Starr of Search Engine Land recently wrote, “In 2013, mobile traffic in the US almost doubled. Cyber Monday of 2013 was the year that cyber Monday went mobile. And, according to Gartner, Q2 of 2013 was the first time that sales of smartphones surpassed sales of feature phones, with the former accounting for 51.8 percent of mobile phone sales worldwide. That last fact in particular shows the unlocked potential of the mobile web. The mobile web is on fire, and a mobile content strategy is a must for 2014. Evan Britton, CEO of, kicked off the IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia conference with a very engaging keynote entitled ‘Succeeding with content in a mobile world.’ ” Read more

The Internet of Things and the Corporate World


Bob Emmerson recently wrote an article in in which he stated, “Sky-high guesstimates for the Internet of Things–10B devices by 2016 (Cisco), 50B by 2020 (Ericsson)–can overshadow the importance of this concept in corporate environments. In this context, the Internet of Corporate Things is a more meaningful term. General Electric calls it the Industrial Internet. But whatever term you employ, a serious, significant development is taking shape.” Read more

The Internet of You

Christopher Mims of Quartz recently discussed a concept that may rise alongside the Internet of Things: the Internet of You. Mims explains, “We’ve been hearing about ‘wearable computing’ for years. But we’re finally at a tipping point. Better batteries, miniaturization, and radical new approaches to manufacturing electronic circuits have finally made screens, computers and sensors small enough to stick just about anywhere. It no longer seems strange to see someone wearing a bracelet that records their vital signs, a watch with as much power as a cell phone, or, soon to be available, glasses that augment our reality.” Read more

In a World of Devices, the User is Central

Roger Kay of Forbes recently opined that the world is becoming more and more user-centric. He explains, “User-centric computing is a theme we can expect to hear articulated in many ways next week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The simple view of the shift from device-centric to user-centric computing goes like this: when all we had was one device — a PC, first to do our work and later to connect to the Internet — we adapted to the device.  We learned how to wrestle it into more or less obeying our will.  We became skilled at the arcane keystrokes of DOS commands and Lotus 1-2-3 in order to do productive work.  We went to the machine.” Read more

Fostering TV Everywhere with Metadata

A recent article discusses the value of metadata in linking television content together, an important facet of a wider semantic relationship-building process. The article begins, “Today’s consumers want TV content not just in the web browser, but on smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles — you name it. However, for ‘TV Everywhere’ (TVE) to succeed, the industry cannot simply offer content on a multitude of devices — it must also ace the viewer’s search and discovery experience. Enter, metadata.” Read more