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Semantic Tech’s Growing Influence In The E-Discovery Market

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The e-discovery market is a growing one, with Gartner this year estimating electronic data discovery software sales will reach $2.9 billion by 2017. The same research firm just recently positioned where vendors fall in that space, with the release of its Magic Quadrant for E-Discovery software.

As recounted here, semantic technology is becoming an increasingly important part of the package; semantic inventory tools, for example, allow for better understanding the vocabulary of litigation and involve repetition in the process of looking for the relevant evidence.

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Jinni Launches “Watch Together” Social Recommendations

According to EContent Magazine, “Video content discovery solutions provider Jinni, announced the release of ‘Watch Together,’ an effective social discovery feature to recommend content that suits the tastes of more than one viewer. The feature is part of the latest Jinni discovery engine API, and is now available for implementation by the company’s global customers and technology partners.” Read more

The Latest Breakthroughs of E-Discovery

Ben Cole of SearchCompliance recently interviewed information management expert Jeffrey Ritter about the latest e-discovery breakthroughs and best practices. Asked about the biggest breakthroughs in e-discovery, Ritter replied, “There are four of them worth mentioning. The first breakthrough that has never been appreciated in the legal community is the use of visualization patterning technology… The second… is the development and implementation of audit management tools in the field of e-discovery and the related legal services.” Read more

A Chat With Gartner About Semantic Tech Earning A Spot As Top Tech Trend In 2013

Earlier this month Gartner named semantic technologies to its top ten trends list (see our story here). Recently, we caught up with Gartner vp and distinguished analyst Debra Logan, the lead author on the semantic technologies section of the Top 10 Technology Trends Impacting Information Infrastructure, 2013, to learn more about sem tech’s earning a place on the list.

One interesting point Logan made is that the top ten trends list actually is a reflection of inquiries Gartner sees from its end-user clients. So, semantic technologies’ spot on the list would seem to indicate a bubbling-up of real-world, enterprise interest. As Logan sees it, it’s very much about information overload, about minimizing the risk and maximizing the value of the data on their hands, and about the availability now from providers like Amazon and Google of infrastructures for analyzing Big Data sets.

“If we could get the same meaning from data, we might actually know what is going on, because we sure don’t now,” says Logan, of the quandary facing enterprise IT leaders. “They are struggling with definition issues and reconciliation because of the proliferation of different IT systems.”

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Equivio Launches “Themes” Relationship Mapping Tool

According to a new article out of the company, “Equivio, a provider of analytical solutions for e-discovery, today announced that it has launched Themes, a breakthrough content analytics application that identifies themes and thematic relationships across document collections. Intended for the use of lead litigators, legal strategists and investigators, Themes enables the rapid and intuitive exploration of a case repository. Themes is part of Zoom, Equivio’s end-to-end e-discovery platform for predictive coding and analytics.” Read more