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Semanticize The Supply Chain

Turns out that supply chains need the Semantic Web, too. The iCargo project, co-funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission, was formally launched last year to help make global logistics across multiple modes of transport more sustainable, both in terms of lowered costs and greater energy efficiency.

The project is composed of multiple components, including technical tasks where semantic interoperability plays a key role in the goal of developing an open information architecture that lets real-world objects, existing systems and new apps to better cooperate with each other. Things have progressed to the point where the semantic capabilities it’s developed are to be included in prototypes debuting in May.

“Enabling interoperable supply chains could provide us better intermodal door-to-door services, and semantic technologies will provide the interoperability between services,” says Germán Herrero Cárcel, head of sector, Full Electric Vehicle & Supply Chain Sector, MRS Market, Research & Innovation at international IT services company Atos, which is coordinating the iCargo consortium of 29 organizations with experience in the field of logistics, supply chain management and ICT.

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The Semantic Web For the Sustainable Materials Lifecycle

MaterialSource, an online platform focused on the sustainable materials lifecycle, will relaunch with a semantic web focus by year’s end. In development by ontoforce, the revamped site will initially cater to users in its native Belgium, but it expects to expand to include an international audience.

The goal, says ontoforce co-founder and CEO Hans Constandt, who also is MaterialSource’s co-founder and CIO, is to “apply the whole philosophy of the semantic web to doing the work of connecting small providers” in the space. It wants to lower thresholds for these purveyors of products and materials for sustainable construction to get their data to their markets in an efficient and integrated way. His partners include ontoforce co-founder and COO Stephane Roelandt and co-founder and sales/marketing head Tom Vankemmel, as well as key developer Jaroslav Martasek.

“We’re putting semantic metadata around information from those providers’ materials,” says Constandt.

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Ready for Renewable Energy? Reegle Semantic Search Portal Wants to Help

Has there ever been a better time to think about renewable energy, what with the uprisings in the Middle East and Northern Africa and the nuclear reactor meltdown fears in Japan?

For those financiers and government decision-makers whose thoughts are turning more in that direction – as well as for project developers and international organizations on the ground in developing countries working on such efforts – there’s a Linked Open Data resource that can help. Semantic clean energy search portal reegle, launched by non-profit REEEP (Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Partnership)  in cooperation with the Semantic Web Company, provides data on stakeholders in the clean energy area as well as country’s energy profiles. All its data and services are free for reuse.

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