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Integrating Enterprise Applications with a Semantic Web Approach

Sanjiva Nath of InfoWorld recently wrote, “The problem of integrating enterprise applications is not new. But the demand for integration and the complexity of implementing it keep increasing, thanks to rising adoption of SaaS and market forces that push teams to improve their collaboration and delivery capabilities. Traditional enterprise application integrations have proven time-consuming and expensive, typically involving months of effort and significant cost. A big contributor to this overhead is the fact that integration schemes typically lack any formal representation of application data — that is, metadata. As a result, the interpretation of the application data and its mapping to any integration scheme becomes a manual, tedious, and nonrepeatable process.” Read more

White Paper: “The Business Value of Semantic Technology”

Image of white paper cover: "The Business Value of Semantic Technology"

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“If you don’t understand what your software engineers are talking about, perhaps it’s because they are using a vocabulary they invented for the problem they are solving.” This begins a white paper called, “The Business Value of Semantic Technology” by Chris Moran, CTO, Information Management Solutions Consultants, Inc.

Moran continues, “Engineers invent a vocabulary and data structure for each system they build and each problem they solve, and only the engineers who built the system understand this structure and vocabulary. Even other engineers must learn it in order to make the data usable. In most enterprises today, we have as many different ways to ask questions of our data as we have systems to store it. We have as many different vocabularies and data structures as we have systems. The problem is actually worse than it sounds….

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