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Freebase Catch-Up: Recent Developments On The Entity Graph Of People, Places, And Things

What’s new with Freebase? Well, aside from its data now being used by Bing to provide information about entities in a similar way to Google’s Knowledge Graph, a new design of its web client is being tested here.

Its post about the new design highlights these as a few of the client’s biggest changes:

* A search bar at the top of the screen lets you filter the topic display and show any by domain, type or property. When you filter by domain, the page will show all of the types and their properties linked to the current topic. When filtering by type, it will show just the properties within that type and filtering by property will show just that property.

Extractiv: Your Starting Point For the Semantic Web?

The semantics-as-a-service play Extractiv emerges from beta today, with its hopes set on serving as the go-to place for helping create applications built on rich, structured data.


The company, the result of a joint venture between 80legs web crawling service and NLP vendor Language Computer Corp., has a few new things on the way to add to its semantic web crawls for converting any structured data found on web pages (to the tune of 100,000 documents per hour) to semantic data.

It’s expanded to include more entities and relationships; it’s now offering an on-demand service for processing individual URLs or local documents; and it’s added entity linking and RDF outputs.

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