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Let Semantic Tech Help You Plan Your Summer Fun

edamampixMemorial Day brought with it the official kickoff of summer! Along with that comes everything from outside living to family vacations.

Semantic technology can be part of the fun. Over the next couple of days we’ll look at some ways it can chip in. Let’s start with food as you start thinking about the summer BBQs. There are semantic solutions that can help on various fronts here. Edamam, for example, has built a food ontology that classifies ingredients, nutrients and food that it applies to recipes it scrapes from the web with the help of its natural language processing and machine learning functions.

As you’re breaking out the grill, you can break out the smartphone or iPad to search for grilled burger recipes that incorporate tomatoes in the 200 to 400 calorie range, for example, and take your pick of ranch salmon, Portobello mushroom, turkey with spiced tomato chutney or the classic beef with garden vegetables, for instance. “The nutrition information we append to recipes using natural language processing. This translates into people being able to filter recipes by diet/calories/allergies and be a bit more health-conscious this summer,” says Victor Penev, Edamam founder and CEO.

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Gobbling Up With The Semantic Web

It’s time to get semantic with your Thanksgiving meal – or what’s left of it. To that end, we toured some semantically-powered foodie services to get some ideas about what to serve up for the big day. Maybe you’ll even find some things you just may never have considered without some semantic web services making it easy to pinpoint to your tastes (literally) or nutritional concerns, or that let you bring to the table the latest delicacies getting high-fives on the social web sentiment scene.

Here we go:

  • Google. For some Thanksgiving-ers, it’s simply off “to the Google,” as the dear family member in charge of our celebration says, to suss out recipes that have been marked up with rich snippets or microdata. Tired of the same old green bean casserole and plain mashed potatoes each year? Narrow the search engine to its recipes focus and you’ll find a few choice nuggets of Thanksgiving’s best vegetable side dishes – the traditional ones are there, like Martha Stewart’s garlic mashed potatoes (for a bit of a twist) and, yup, the tried-and-true green bean casserole. But you’re not likely to have thought of a pickled root vegetable salad before, courtesy of Cooking Channel TV, are you? Be prepared to set aside an hour and thirty minutes, though, to make it happen.   Read more

Yummly Gets Spicy with Semantics

A new article reports, “Semantic recipe search engine Yummly is tuning its search features to include a new way to search specifically for recipes that are ‘spicy’ just as it’s hitting a major milestone. After coming out of beta in June 2010, the company says it’s now doing half the unique visitors of, the popular search engine for Bon Appetit, Gourmet and Self magazine recipes. In July, year-old Yummly reached 2 million unique visitors in a month for the first time, the company is set to announce Wednesday.” Read more

Google Gives Us a Recipe Search Engine

Google has responded to its user’s demand for recipes by creating a new recipe search engine. The engine links users to recipes on sites like Epicuious and the Food Network while allowing people to search not just by food item, but also by calorie count, preparation time, and ingredients.

A full 1% of all searches performed on Google are for recipes. Seeing the demand, Google has taken advantage of its own Rich Snippets to create an intuitive recipe search engine. Read more