What’s the only and biggest startup in Istanbul, Turkey that’s working on the semantic web? The answer is Dakick, says co-founder and general manager Serkan Ünsal, a service for more than 100,000 members in Turkey so far that is focused on event ontologies and creating an events recommendation engine.

Users can follow people such as celebrities, venues, movies or other performing arts, and, based on the relations it’s building among entities in its growing database, be directed to shows that a followed actor is in that night on TV, for instance, or an upcoming concert featuring the work of a followed composer.

Users can select entities to follow on its service or Dakick can collect data from Facebook and Twitter accounts, too. An issue with getting people connected with the events that matter to the entities they’re interested in, however, starts with the fact that the providers sending their movie showtimes, tv schedules, exhibition, sports, trade show, conferences, performing art, and concert information Dakick’s way don’t always have a uniform perspective on data structure, if any at all, which makes interoperability a challenge.

“In Turkey content providers typically don’t know much about data structure,” says Ünsal, so Dakick is trying to educate them to move the needle here. “We are saying to all our content providers that if you agree on a data structure it will make search engines more meaningful to list some event data.”

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