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Expert System Raises $27 Million in IPO

Expert System

CHICAGO, February 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Semantic technology company Expert System today announced that it has raised over $27 million in the company’s IPO on Italian stock exchange AIM Italia. The company’s listing, which began trading this morning, is the largest in AIM Italia history. Expert System, which has two U.S. locations, plans to increase its U.S. investment, with the addition of sales and technical staff, and the opening of a new office in San Francisco next month. Read more

Expert System Releases Complete Solution for Taxonomy Creation, Deployment and Document Categorization

Expert System

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS–(Marketwired – Nov 5, 2013) - Expert System, the semantic technology company, today announces the launch of its Cogito Categorization Platform at the Taxonomy Boot Camp conference held in Washington, D.C. The platform leverages the Cogito semantic technology for an end-to-end taxonomy creation, deployment and document categorization solution.


Top-down or theoretical approaches in taxonomy development often result in unnecessary complexity, and often include nodes that are not representative of the content being categorized. Cogito Categorization Platform uses intuitive semantic analysis to ensure creation of a taxonomy driven by the most relevant concepts and topics in the actual content. Read more

Press Agency ANSA chooses Expert System Semantic Search for ANSAFoto Image Archive

Expert System logoCHICAGO, ILLINOIS–(Marketwired – Nov. 5, 2013) - Expert System, the semantic technology company, today announced that ANSA, a leading global press agency, has chosen the Cogito® semantic technology to improve access in its ANSAFoto image database.

The rapid growth of information has forced media and publishers to rely on technologies that enable filtering to access only the content you’re looking for, and real time sharing, both quickly and easily. In response, ANSA has implemented the first image search engine that uses semantic technology for analysis of captions in English and Italian. Read more

Expert System Launches Cogito Intelligence API on Mashape API Marketplace

Expert System logoCHICAGO, ILLINOIS–(Marketwired – Oct. 16, 2013) - Expert System, the semantic technology company, today announces the availability of the “freemium” version of its semantic API on Mashape, the online API marketplace. Cogito Intelligence API is the first API for the semantic analysis of large quantities of unstructured texts for supporting intelligence, counter crime and cybersecurity activities. Read more

Mimesi Selects Expert System to Strengthen its Media Monitoring Platform

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS–(Marketwired – July 11, 2013) - Mimesi, a division of Reed Business Information that specializes in services for press, web and social monitoring, [earlier this month] announced its adoption of Expert System‘s semantic technology to strengthen its information delivery platform.

Today, companies feel the ever-growing pressure to receive highly personalized news, filtering the most relevant items from the vast amount of information available. Media monitoring subscribers expect accurate, timely and useful information that can support decision making.

“The use of intelligent technologies that maximize the value of content proves to be a winning strategy in the world of publishing,” said Marina Bonomi, General Director, Mimesi. “Thanks to semantic technology, we are more competitive in the media monitoring market where the old way of working is proving to be less than adequate.” Read more

Expert System Develops Semantic Search Engine for Wolters Kluwer Italy

MODENA, ITALY–(Marketwired – June 11, 2013) - Expert System, the semantic technology company, and GMDE, a systems integrator and solution provider for the publishing market, today announced their collaboration for the successful implementation of an innovative semantic solution for Wolters Kluwer Italy.

Wolters Kluwer Italy, part of the Wolters Kluwer group that makes publishing products, solutions and software, integrated Expert System’s Cogito®, the semantic platform to improve access to information on its online portal for legal and public sector professionals. Read more

Expert System Announces Cogito SmartContent for Media and Publishers

MODENA, ITALY and SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA–(Marketwired – June 4, 2013) - SEMANTIC TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE – Expert System, the semantic technology company, today announced the launch of the Cogito semantic platform for content enrichment, Cogito SmartContent. Cogito SmartContent offers a full range of semantic features that enable publishers and digital content providers to harness the power of content for greater utilization and monetization across all formats.

Leveraging the power of semantic technology, Cogito SmartContent automatically enriches documents, content management systems and web pages with semantic information, metadata, tags and links to related content to maximize access and streamline delivery of content. Read more

Expert System Announces Cogito Intelligence API for Government and Corporate Intelligence

MODENA, ITALY–(Marketwired – April 24, 2013) - Expert System, the semantic technology company, today introduces its newest solution, the Cogito Intelligence API, bringing advanced semantic functions to enable Government and Corporate Security analysts to access and exploit their most strategic sources of information.

Cogito Intelligence API is available for free proof of concept testing, with volume pricing and annual subscription levels. The API enables Government, Intelligence, Law Enforcement Agencies and enterprise Corporate Security functions to add semantic processing, text mining, categorization and tagging features to their analysis platforms and applications for faster evaluation of intelligence data. Read more

Expert Systems Opens Washington, D.C. Metro Area Office

Expert System, the semantic technology company, today announced that it has increased its U.S. presence with the opening of a new office in the Washington, D.C. area and the appointment of Charlie Breeding as Director of Federal Sales and enterprise solutions for D.C. Metro area companies. This announcement comes at a time of growth for Expert System, which has recognized a double-digit revenue increase in 2012, including new semantic product offerings for the Intelligence sector. Read more

Expert System Analyzes Candidates in Italian Election

According to a new release out of the company, “Expert System, the semantic technology company, performed a semantic analysis on a sample of tweets in English for a variety of hashtags related to the 2013 Italian election and all of its candidates and campaigning parties. The infographic Italy: Election 2013 highlights the context and sentiment expressed in tweets around Silvio Berlusconi, Mario Monti, Beppe Grillo and Pier Luigi Bersani.” Read more