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Expert System Develops Semantic Search Engine for Wolters Kluwer Italy

MODENA, ITALY–(Marketwired – June 11, 2013) - Expert System, the semantic technology company, and GMDE, a systems integrator and solution provider for the publishing market, today announced their collaboration for the successful implementation of an innovative semantic solution for Wolters Kluwer Italy.

Wolters Kluwer Italy, part of the Wolters Kluwer group that makes publishing products, solutions and software, integrated Expert System’s Cogito®, the semantic platform to improve access to information on its online portal for legal and public sector professionals. Read more

Expert System Announces Cogito SmartContent for Media and Publishers

MODENA, ITALY and SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA–(Marketwired – June 4, 2013) - SEMANTIC TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE – Expert System, the semantic technology company, today announced the launch of the Cogito semantic platform for content enrichment, Cogito SmartContent. Cogito SmartContent offers a full range of semantic features that enable publishers and digital content providers to harness the power of content for greater utilization and monetization across all formats.

Leveraging the power of semantic technology, Cogito SmartContent automatically enriches documents, content management systems and web pages with semantic information, metadata, tags and links to related content to maximize access and streamline delivery of content. Read more

Expert System Announces Cogito Intelligence API for Government and Corporate Intelligence

MODENA, ITALY–(Marketwired – April 24, 2013) - Expert System, the semantic technology company, today introduces its newest solution, the Cogito Intelligence API, bringing advanced semantic functions to enable Government and Corporate Security analysts to access and exploit their most strategic sources of information.

Cogito Intelligence API is available for free proof of concept testing, with volume pricing and annual subscription levels. The API enables Government, Intelligence, Law Enforcement Agencies and enterprise Corporate Security functions to add semantic processing, text mining, categorization and tagging features to their analysis platforms and applications for faster evaluation of intelligence data. Read more

Expert Systems Opens Washington, D.C. Metro Area Office

Expert System, the semantic technology company, today announced that it has increased its U.S. presence with the opening of a new office in the Washington, D.C. area and the appointment of Charlie Breeding as Director of Federal Sales and enterprise solutions for D.C. Metro area companies. This announcement comes at a time of growth for Expert System, which has recognized a double-digit revenue increase in 2012, including new semantic product offerings for the Intelligence sector. Read more

Expert System Analyzes Candidates in Italian Election

According to a new release out of the company, “Expert System, the semantic technology company, performed a semantic analysis on a sample of tweets in English for a variety of hashtags related to the 2013 Italian election and all of its candidates and campaigning parties. The infographic Italy: Election 2013 highlights the context and sentiment expressed in tweets around Silvio Berlusconi, Mario Monti, Beppe Grillo and Pier Luigi Bersani.” Read more

Expert System Announces Integration with Apache Solr

According to a new article, “Expert System, the semantic software company, today announced the full integration of its Cogito semantic platform with the Apache Solr™ open source enterprise search platform. Through the integration with Cogito, organizations using Solr will be able to enhance their technology investment by delivering faster, more precise access to big data and enterprise content. Cogito exceeds the limits of traditional search and provides a deep understanding of words by fully understanding their meaning in context. Backed by a powerful semantic network enhanced by vertical knowledge for the most important sectors (finance, security, oil and gas, etc.), Cogito ensures higher precision and recall than traditional systems.” Read more

Tracking Reactions to the Pope’s First Tweet

According to an article out of the company, “Expert System, the semantic technology company, conducted a semantic analysis to understand the reaction of Twitter users after the activation of @pontifex, and the response to the first tweets by Pope Benedict XVI on December 12. Using the Cogito semantic software, Expert System analyzed a sample of more than 20,000 tweets to the Pope’s Twitter accounts and hashtags related to #askpontifex. The tweets were classified in the predominant categories of religion; art, culture and entertainment; economy and finance; and crime. Among the most relevant topics were people (Pope, Jesus and God), places (Vatican, Africa, Rome and Italy), verbs (do, can, tell, know, must, pay) and nouns (church, gold, question, child, Christmas, truth and Sunday).” Read more

A Semantic Analysis of the Final Presidential Debate

As they did with the first presidential debate and the second, Expert System has released their semantic analysis of the third and final presidential debate. According to the company, “In this debate, Governor Romney spoke more, using shorter sentences with a slightly simpler construction (a total of 554 clauses with an average of two prepositions per clause), versus President Obama who used approximately three prepositions per clause (for a total of 393 clauses). As in the previous two debates, the language style and words choice of both candidates can be classified as usual or common, and likely reflect the candidates’ attempts to reach a wide and diverse electorate.” Read more

The Semantics of the Second Presidential Debate

Expert System has performed a semantic analysis of the language used by President Obama and Governor Romney in the second presidential debate: “Findings of the results are based on analysis of the debate transcripts and highlight the semantic differences in the candidates’ language, despite the linguistic similarities… A quantitative linguistic analysis shows a greater similarity between the two candidates: Both use more or less the same number of sentences (President Obama with 496 sentences made up of 1,398 prepositions; Governor Romney with 1,406 prepositions spread over 554 sentences), and the same lexical structure in terms of style and word choice (80% of the words used by both candidates are classified as usual or common language). In the first debate, President Obama used longer sentences and a more complex sentence construction.” Read more

A Semantic Look at the Presidential Debates

Luca Scagliarini of Expert System reports, “This week’s presidential debate is being analyzed across the web on a number of fronts, from a factual analysis of what was said, to the number of tweets it prompted. Instead, we used our Cogito semantic engine to analyze the transcript of the debate through a semantic and linguistic lens. Cogito extracted the responses by question, breaking sentences down to their granular detail. This analysis allows us to look at the individual language elements to better understand what was said, as well as how the combined effect of word choice, sentence structure and sentence length might be interpreted by the audience.” Read more