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Off Semantic Tech Goes Into The Wild Blue Yonder

rsz_amprimeLook, up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no – it’s an Amazon drone!

Admittedly, Amazon Prime Air’s unmanned aerial vehicles in commercial use are still a little ways off. But such technology – along with other recent innovations, such as the use of unmanned aircraft in crop-dusting or even Department of Homeland Security border applications, or future capabilities to extend the notion of auto-piloting in passenger airplanes using autonomous machine logic to control airspace and spacing between planes –needs to be accounted for in terms of its impact on the air space. The Next-Generation Air Transportation System is taking on the change in the management and operation of the national air transportation system.

And semantic technology, natural language processing, and machine learning, too, will have a hand in helping out, by fostering collaboration among the agencies that will be working together to develop the system, including the Federal Aviation Administration, the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, under the coordination of the Joint Planning and Development Office. These agencies will need to leverage each other’s knowledge and research, as well as ensure – as necessary – data privacy.

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Semantic Web Jobs: Collaborate Solutions & Alion

Collaborate Solutions is looking for a Web Developer in Hyattsville, MD: “This position involves the ongoing website and application development, maintenance, database development, and implementation for various website applications for a variety of US Federal government agencies. Specifically, this work involves the development of applications including new and emerging technologies such as linked open data, semantic technologies, ontologies, RDF and RDFa as applied to both text and data, and Web 2.0 and social media applications such as RSS and Twitter. Depending on the location of the successful candidate, the home office may be located in Hyattsville, MD or Falls Church, VA.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Talis, Brooksource, and Alion

Talis is looking for a Semantic Web Technical Consultant in Birmingham. According to the description, “We are developing consulting services focused on the Semantic Web, Linked Data and the Talis Platform. We are currently offering a range of professional services that cover everything from training on Semantic Web technologies, through to data modeling, conversions, and bespoke application and prototype development. We are looking for talented individuals to join our team to help expand our capabilities in the areas of data transformation and visualization.” Read more