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TheNeeds Personalized News App Now on iPhone


Sarah Perez of Tech Crunch reports, “Newly launched iOS application TheNeeds is the latest attempt at offering users a better, more personalized news-reading experience with a service that focuses not only on your interests, but also how those interests evolve over time. The app, something of a competitor to the magazine-like Flipboard, or a community site like Reddit, helps to surface the best articles, blog posts, videos, social updates and more, then follows your interactions to see what sorts of things you’re actually reading and engaging with, versus what you’ve more explicitly stated your interests to be.” Read more

Clipped Curates News Better with NLP

Ken Yeung of TheNextWeb reports, “Finding ways to keep track of what’s happening in the world and in various markets can be pretty difficult, especially on mobile devices. People are interested in seeking out new ways to allow them to get information that’s relevant and important to them. Apps to help with this problem include Flipboard, a popular social news aggregator that has helped to change the way people consume content,, and Summly. Now, Clipped is seeking to take its place as one of those services and has launched its iOS and Android apps to help optimize the way people consume the news on their mobile devices. An alumni of the Teens in Tech incubator, Clipped says that it delivers top news content in the form of bullet point summaries that it believes will ‘save users time and energy.’ Its app also includes a summarized search engine that allows users to ‘read summaries about exactly what they want’.” Read more

Making Sense of the News with Semantic Technology

Chris Lamb has written an article discussing how semantic web technology is helping with the problem of too much news, not enough meaning. Lamb writes, “News volume has moved from infoscarcity to infobesity. For the last hundred years, news in print was delivered in a container, called a newspaper, periodically, typically every twenty-four hours. The container constrained the product. The biggest constraints of the old paradigm were periodic delivery and limitations of column inches. Now information continually bursts through our Google Readers, our cell phones, our tablets, display screens in elevators and grocery stores. Do we really need to read all 88,731 articles on the Bernie Madoff trial? Probably not. And that’s the dilemma for news organizations. In the old metaphor, column-inches was the constraint. In the new metaphor, reader attention span becomes the constraint.” Read more

We Come Not To Bury Steve, But To Celebrate Him

You’ve probably read a couple of hundred remembrances and memorials to Steve Jobs in the last day. Don’t worry – this little blog isn’t going to rehash each of his amazing achievements.

Rather, perhaps the sad news of his passing might provide an opportunity to reflect on what it means to innovate, and what it means to be an innovator. Apple’s well-known mantra – Jobs’ coaxing of his fans to “think different” – isn’t just something we’ve seen played out in the design of that company’s products, or in the sheer genius Jobs had for tapping into the zeitgeist, turning it around, and building a business model out of it.

Certainly those are the most obvious fruits to most people. But the work the Semantic Web community is doing exemplifies the “think different” attitude every day. That’s true of products like Apple’s Siri that bring some (now) in-house semantic smarts to Jobs’ creations, as well as a host of others whose creators hope to harness new opportunities from Jobs’ tablet revolution.

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Evri Releases Topic-Based News App for iPad

Semantic tech innovator Evri has launched a topic-based news discovery app for the iPad: “Evri says its iPad app is the first to offer topic-based news discovery, while competitors like Pulse and Flipboard focus more on collecting stories from specific news sources or your social networks… The iPad app makes finding interesting stories and trending topics easy, thanks to a technology that distills around 2.5 million topics from over 15,000 sources. It’s also easy to personalize, since the iPad app can connect to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. The Evri app will also recommend stories to you based on what you’ve read.” Read more

Exploring the Options for Social Content Aggregation

An article from ThreeMinds takes a look at the future of social content aggregation and discusses the approach that ThreeMinds has chosen to explore with their app, BroadFeed. The article states, “One way to view intelligent content is by how, as it moves from source to user, it becomes integrated into an application, correlated and aggregated with other content, augmented with richer information and metadata and then filtered for delivery. The smarter we can make each layer, the richer the experience and navigation we can provide to the user.” Read more