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fluidOps Presents Information Workbench at SemTechBiz 2014

FluidOpsWalldorf, Germany – fluid Operations® AG (fluidOps) will present its leading semantic integration platform at this year’s Semantic Technology & Business Conference (SemTechBiz) from 19 – 21 August 2014 in San Jose, California. At booth 407, fluidOps experts will demonstrate best-practice applications including:

  • Workflow and process orchestration in data centers
  • Scalable, end-user access to big data

For the tenth time, visionaries and practitioners will meet up at SemTechBiz to discuss how companies can use semantic technologies to generate revenues, save costs, and solve real problems in the era of big data. Read more

fluidOps Presents Semantic Augmented Reality Application


Walldorf, Germany – fluid Operations® AG will present the Conference Explorer, an augmented reality (AR) application that runs on Google Glass, at the Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC) 2014 from 25 – 29 May on the Greek island of Crete. The tool for semantic data integration in the context of professional events is based on the Information Workbench, the semantic integration platform of fluidOps.


Building knowledge and networks


With the Conference Explorer, ESWC attendees can view conference data with semantic links to information from social networks and other public data sources on Google Glass. Read more

fluidOps and Stemmer Leverage Semantic Technologies to Tackle the Problem of Disparate Data Management in IT


Walldorf/Baden, Germany (PRWEB) October 31, 2013 — fluid Operations, leading provider of cloud and data management solutions based on semantic technologies, and Stemmer, a leading provider of IT infrastructure and professional services in Germany, are collaborating in the area of IT transformation and innovation with the goal of offering their customers solutions to the problem of disparate data management in IT, and enabling companies to integrate and take full advantage of cloud services. Read more

fluidOps Announces Data Management Solution for Fujitsu vShape Reference Architectures


Walldorf, Germany (PRWEB) October 11, 2013 — fluid Operations, leading provider of cloud and data management solutions based on semantic technologies, and Fujitsu, the leading Japanese information and communication technology (ICT) company, are collaborating to develop a joint solution which allows enterprises to transform legacy, silo-based IT environments into agile, automated infrastructures. The solution aims at providing unified application and service delivery and allowing for agile responses to rapidly changing business demands. Read more

FluidOps Gets Together With Google Glass For Mobile Conference Assistant App

Semantic-based cloud and data management vendor fluidOps has an interesting project underway with Google Glass, which would bring its technology to the wearable computer to help conference attendees explore information about the event they’re at and their fellow participants.

With funding from Germany’s Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and in cooperation with the Department of Computer Science of the University of Freiburg, the project began this spring. The effort will build upon fluidOps’ existing Conference Explorer web app, which took second place in the Metadata Challenge held as part of the WWW conference last year. Conference Explorer is based on the company’s Information Workbench, a Web-based open platform for the development of Linked Data solutions, and was designed to give users ways to explore events and augment data about them with information from external sources like social networks.

The mobile conference assistant project goes by the name Durchblick, and for Google Glass or head-mounted displays “it takes the information corpus we already have and provides context-sensitive information to the end user,” Dr. Michael Schmidt, fluidOps’ architect, research and development, told The Semantic Web Blog at the Semantic Technology and Business conference held earlier this month.

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fluidOps eCloudManager Now VSPEX Labs Validated

fluid Operations, leading provider of cloud and data management solutions based on semantic technologies, today announced fluidOps eCloudManager has successfully completed testing to become VSPEX™ Labs Validated.

The inclusion of eCloudManager as a part of an EMC® VSPEX solution enables users to automate and simplify daily IT operations and speed up their cloud adoption and automation. Joint customers benefit from an automated VSPEX solution right from the start, being able to set up ‘IT as a Service’ offerings (including Infrastructure as a Service, Storage as a Service and Landscape as a Service™) in their own data centers, without having to resort to public cloud options. Read more

Somewhere Over the Semantic Horizon

Courtesy: Flickr/prusakolep

What’s on the horizon for the semantic web? It was a question pondered by expert panelists last week at the Semantic Technology and Business Conference in San Francisco.

Siri – and its possible clones and descendents – came up as a signpost on the road ahead, pushing the notion of personal assistance ever forward.  “Siri made a huge splash. It opened eyes to the idea of not just using semantics to move information around but using a natural language system with some semantic interpretation to perform actions, like putting reminders on your phone,” noted Mark Greaves, director of knowledge systems at Vulcan.

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Explore #SemTechBiz San Francisco on FluidOps IWB

Last week, we published Under the Hood: A Closer Look at Information WorkBench, an interview with Peter Haase conducted by Kristen Milhollin as part of her series on Dynamic Semantic Publishing.

We are pleased to announce that FluidOps has created a viewer for the SemTechBiz conference program in Information Workbench.  The viewer is a good example of a faceted, semantic viewer for the conference program data, including map, timeline, and graph views, and tying in data from disparate sources such as Facebook, Twitter, and the conference program itself.

Screen Shot of SemTechBiz 2012 - San Francisco as seen in FluidOps Information Workbench.

You can view this event browser here:

Of course, we have the conference agenda-at-a-glance here, and will make the program available to conference attendees via the Guidebook app for mobile devices, but this is an interesting example of Semantic Technology at work in a human-friendly user interface.

Thanks to Peter Haase and the FluidOps team for this work!

Under the Hood: A Closer Look at Information WorkBench

fluidOps Logofluid Operations’ Information Workbench is part of the semantic infrastructure supporting the BBC’s revolutionary coverage of the 2012 Olympic Games.  Below is a conversation with fluid Operations Senior Architect for Research & Development Michael Schmidt in advance of his 2012 Semantic Technology and Business Conference presentation. This conversation is a supplement to the series “Dynamic Semantic Publishing for Beginners.

Q. Is the Information Workbench a response to the need for more robust applications to help process “Big Data”? How is it different than other popular tools?

A. Dealing with Big Data involves a number of different challenges, including increasing volume (amount of data), complexity (of schemas and structures), and variety (range of data types, sources).

However, most Big Data solutions available on the market today focus on volume only, in particular supporting vertical scalability (greater operating capacity, efficiency, and speed.)   This means that such solutions mainly address the analysis of large volumes of similarly structured data sets. Yet the Big Data problem is not fully solved only by technologies that help you process similarly structured data more quickly and efficiently.

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Report from Day 5 at ISWC

Juan Sequeda photo[Editor’s Note: This is Juan Sequeda’s final report from the International Semantic Web Conference in Bonn, Germany. See his other reports here:
Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 ]

Day 5 of ISWC 2011 was the third full day and last day of the conference. It started with a keynote from Gerhard Weikum title “For a few more triples“. The rest of the day consisted of sessions on Outrageous IdeasSocial WebIn-Use: Content Management,  Ontology EvaluationOntology Matching and MappingUser Interaction and In Use: Applications. The highlight of the day was the Closing Ceremony, where the winners of several prizes were announced.
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