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Oscar Picks With The Help of Semantic and Sentiment Analytics Technology

Sunday night’s the big stroll down the red carpet for Hollywood’s elite — for the 85th time. But no need to wait until then to have some fun with old Oscar.

Some services with semantics and sentiment analytics in their genes have already begun. Here are a few examples:

Jinni, the semantic movie and TV Taste engine, has created a detail-filled graphic, based on analysis and cross-referencing it did according to its own Jinni Entertainment Genome (see its blog post here for a look at the entire graphic and more info on its creation):

























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TV Sweeps Season Could Be A Semantic Season Too

If it’s February, the networks are getting ready for the Sweeps. Viewers of NCIS can expect to be treated to a never-before-seen scene that’s being Twitter-campaigned under #NCISLostScene. Modern Family fans will get to see Phil and Claire reprise their Valentine’s Day roles as Clive and Juliana (two word reminder – trenchcoat, escalator).  And Two-and-a-Half Men’s Charlie Sheen may enter rehab (oh, wait, sorry, that’s in real life).

Well, the Semantic Web refuses to be left out of such fun. While Nielsen continues its long-established work of monitoring TV viewing information to help programmers and advertisers with schedules and marketing dollars, sentiment analytics start-up General Sentiment is coming to the TV popularity contest with a new perspective. It has just released a report aimed at providing insight on “audience involvement and the strength of their ongoing commitment,” leveraging information from online social and news communities.

These market intelligence metrics from General Sentiment may not be a threat to traditional measurement means yet, but certainly they seem to merit consideration by programming and advertising honchos alike.

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Hey Google: It’s Not Your Sentiment Analytics!

This week a press release came out from General Sentiment that said that an official Google blog implied that the search engine giant itself owned the start-up’s sentiment analysis system – which it doesn’t. No hard feelings, though – General Sentiment would be happy to pursue a deeper relationship.

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