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Easing The Way To Linked Open Data In The Geosciences Domain

ocenapixThe OceanLink Project is bringing semantic technology to the geosciences domain – and it’s doing it with the idea in mind of not forcing that community to have to become experts in semtech in order to realize value from its implementation. Project lead Tom Narock of Marymount University, who recently participated in an online webinar that discussed how semantics is being implemented to integrate ocean science data repositories, library holdings, conference abstracts, and funded research awards, noted that this effort is “tackling a particular problem in ocean sciences, but [can be part of a] more general change for researchers in discovering and integrating interdisciplinary resources, [when you] need to do federated and complex searches of available resources.”

The project has an interest in using more formal, stronger semantics – working with OWL, RDF, reasoners – but also an acknowledgement that a steeper learning curve comes with the territory. How to balance that with what the community is able to implement and use? The answer: “In addition to exposing our data using semantic technologies, a big part of Oceanlink is building cyber infrastructure that will help lessen the burden on our end users.”

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SKOS and Geography

A recent interview with Marcus Ebner, a geologist working as a domain expert in knowledge management at the Geological Survey of Austria sheds some light on semantics and data management. The article begins, “The Geological Survey of Austria is a public sector research institution that is affiliated with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research and as such the premier advisory body for the Austrian Government for geosciences. The core program covers diverse activities in a wide range of geosciences, such as geoscientific mapping, basic research, environmental monitoring including natural resources and water management and maintenance of extensive databases and archives. PoolParty Team had the chance to talk with Mr. Ebner about the role of SKOS and other standards in the context of the INSPIRE Directive and other scenarios for data harmonisation.” Read more