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YarcData Announces Winners of $100,000 Graph Analytics Challenge

YarcData LLC, a Cray company dedicated to providing “Big Data” graph-analytic solutions to enterprises, today announced the winners of the YarcData Graph Analytics Challenge showcasing the increasing applicability and adoption of graph analytics in discovering unknown relationships in Big Data. Submissions included an innovative range of applications across a broad variety of sectors including crime prediction, social science, life science and sports performance. Read more

YarcData Announces Finalists of Graph Analytics Challenge

YarcData has announced the finalists of the company’s Graph Analytics Challenge: “The top six entries for the contest, which features $100,000 in prizes including a $70,000 grand prize for the first place winner, were determined to have entered the best submissions for un-partitionable, Big Data graph problems. The top six submissions span a number of diverse categories, such as healthcare, law enforcement, sports, life sciences and social media.” Read more