Waqar Hasan, who in a past life was vp for data platforms at Yahoo, hasn’t lost his fascination with the power a business can gain when it knows what to do with its data – make that its Big Data. Now CEO of InsightsOne, Hasan and his company are focused on making predictive analytics accessible to the general B2C marketing organization via the cloud.

Among its early customers is online review site Angie’s List, which in mid-January selected the cloud-based predictive analytics solution to deliver a 1-to-1 consumer marketing experience to its members.

“We’re targeting B2C marketers to increase the relevance and profitability of their consumer interactions, by applying micro-segmentation on Big Data to extract all sorts of signals from the data and turn it to a more powerful predictor for the future – who will buy what and who is likely to churn,” Hasan says.

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