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Achieving Interoperability in Health IT

2456767724_bdd5d95a1dGreg Slabodkin of Health Data Management recently wrote, “At a minimum, there are three types of interoperability required to achieve an interoperable health IT ecosystem, according to Doug Fridsma, M.D., ONC’s outgoing chief science officer. Speaking this week at AHIMA’s 2014 conference in San Diego, Fridsma made the case that health IT requires all three types of interoperability–semantic, syntactic, and information exchange. ‘If you exchange the information and the codes don’t match or it’s a proprietary set of codes, you’ve got the information but you have no idea what those codes mean,’ he argued. ‘Semantic interoperability is about the vocabularies and syntactic interoperability is about the structure’.” Read more

Leaders in HIT Discuss Their New Year’s Resolutions


David Carr of Information Week recently wrote, “In 2014, healthcare technology leaders will be wishing, and working, for improvement in the healthcare system and the technologies to support it. I asked 10 CIOs and other health tech leaders for one or two pithy thoughts about what they would like to see in the new year. Here are their responses — some as bullet points and others as longer prose — via email, lightly edited.”


John Halamka, CIO, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center told Carr, “2014 will be a turning point for healthcare IT as we finish a large number of regulatory mandates — ICD10, Meaningful Use Stage 2, HIPAA Omnibus Rule, and Affordable Care Act requirements. Read more

Health IT Potential Not Yet Being Met

Dan Bowman reports, “Although information technology certainly has the ability to change patient behaviors, a lot of untapped potential remains, according to researchers published last week in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. Such capabilities and risks, they concluded, ‘are not being fully explored.’ What’s more, they said, interactions between different technology components have not been analyzed sufficiently. The researchers combed through 41 relevant studies, examining the extent to which various technologies–such as wearable sensors and mobile phone apps–helped patients to stay fit and track calories.” Read more

Swarmology Debuts New Website

San Diego startup Swarmology has stepped out of stealth mode with the debut of its website and the disclosure of $1.2 million in initial funding. According to the article, “The company, founded last December by pharmaceutical and health IT executive Malcolm Bohm, provides targeted, Web-based marketing services for its customers by analyzing online conversations about specific health concerns on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Swarmology’s customers already include a large healthcare insurance provider and a couple of smaller pharmaceutical companies, Bohm says.” Read more