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IDC Reports that 80% of Consumer Data is Wasted


Beth Schultz of Information Week recently wrote, “If you’ve taken a look at the latest A2 infographic, Listening to the Voice of the Customer, you know of the disconnect between marketing’s desire to become customer-centric and its ability to get there. Heck, even if you’re not in marketing, you can well imagine the challenge. Marketing has to be in charge of the customer’s digital experience, yet digital life is changing at a rapid pace. While the customer voice grows ever stronger, it’s coming from many directions and in many forms. Marketing’s view remains largely channelized, and rather myopic as a result.” Read more

Analytics: The Next Big Thing in the Big Data Wave

Alex Pierre-Traves of Forbes reports, “The International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts the volume of data will grow by 40 percent over the next seven years. That’s a lot of data to manage, analyse and ultimately integrate into your business decisions. It’s unsurprising, then, to discover that analytics is the next big thing in marketing expertise. Today, data is used primarily to inform and analyse marketing campaigns, which is great for those of us in the agency business; however, what’s missing is meaningful analysis for our clients’ businesses to develop products and services that are relevant to their customers and, in turn, build brand loyalty. As the data we have at our disposal grows, new hires in marketing departments will increasingly need to have a technical, data or analytics background in order to deliver the strategic insights necessary for the business.” Read more

Hadoop Meets Semantic Technology: Data Scientists Win

Hadoop is on almost every enterprise’s radar – even if they’re not yet actively engaged with the platform and its advantages for Big Data efforts. Analyst firm IDC earlier this year said the market for software related to the Hadoop and MapReduce programming frameworks for large-scale data analysis will have a compound annual growth rate of more than sixty percent between 2011 and 2016, rising from $77 million to more than $812 million.

Yet, challenges remain to leveraging all the possibilities of Hadoop, an Apache Software Foundation open source project, especially as it relates to empowering the data scientist. Hadoop is composed of two sub-projects: HDFS, a distributed file system built on a cluster of commodity hardware so that data stored in any node can be shared across all the servers, and the MapReduce framework for processing the data stored in those files.

Semantic technology can help solve many of the  challenges, Michael A. Lang Jr., VP, Director of Ontology Engineering Services at Revelytix, Inc., told an audience gathered at the Semantic Technology & Business Conference in New York City yesterday.

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News360′s Updated Windows Phone App Designed Around Microsoft Metro UI Concepts

Personalized news app News360 yesterday updated its Windows Phone application, which makes up one of what’s still a relatively few 50,000 apps for the platform in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Right now, the device platform has just under 2 percent of the smartphone OS market, but that could change: Analyst firm IDC, for example, reported in June that, “assuming that Nokia’s transition to Windows Phone goes smoothly, the OS is expected to defend a number 2 rank and more than 20 percent share in 2015.” Nokia, whose first Windows Phone 7 devices have been available in the U.S. since earlier this year, is expected to announce two Windows phones on Monday, according to Reuters: a cheaper Lumia 610 and a global version of its high-end Lumia 900 phone.

News360, which joined the Microsoft BizSpark One program in November, is tapping into the action with the update that now sports a user interface designed around the Metro UI concepts pioneered by Microsoft, according to CEO Roman Karachinsky. It’s marked by “simplicity, cleanliness and efficient flow, which is radically different from the design of our iOS and Android apps,” he says. “The app also uses several features unique to Windows Phone – like live tiles, which allow you to pin the categories that you want to follow more closely straight to your home screen.”

News360 worked closely with Microsoft on this release, he notes, as part of Microsoft’s Mobile Acceleration Week development, a program to get partner companies together with the designers and developers of Windows Phone “to yield amazing apps for the platform.” Other features News360 touts for the latest version also include connecting their social media accounts to tailor news to their interests and Fast App Switching support for a better user experience.

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Could Google Become the Semantic Web?

"Describing the Semantic Web as a “Web of data” is not too helpful for most people, I have learned."  There’s a lot of talk about it, but for most Web users, the idea described in 1981 by Tim Berners-Lee means little.

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Implementing Commercial Applications With Semantic Search

Executive Summary

A common challenge facing today’s enterprise, its employees, and customers, is the ability to easily and effectively access corporate data and product/services-related information.  To obtain the accurate and specific information needed from a vast corporate network is a daunting task, especially as data grows more complex and the workforce becomes increasingly mobile.  What if we had pervasive access to it all– enabling us to make timely business decisions while continuing on with our busy days?

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