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How Semantic Technology is Improving the Financial Service Industry


Marty Loughlin of Wall Street & Technology recently noted that in this era of “massive business and IT transformation,” organizations in the financial industry “will need to change how they track, manage, and consume data. For many organizations, this data is not easily accessible — it is distributed across the organization, often trapped in local business units, applications, data warehouses, spreadsheets, and documents. Traditional technologies are struggling to address this challenge and many believe a new approach is required. Some of the new big-data solutions do help. They are good at liberating and colocating data. However, they often struggle to make it usable. Creating a ‘data lake’ where rigid structure is not required can result in yet another silo of unusable data where context, meaning, and sources are lost. Many organizations are turning to semantic technology for the answer.” Read more

Facebook’s Steps to Improve Graph Search

Jordan Novet of GigaOM reports, “Facebook doesn’t devote thousands of people to its fledgling Graph Search tool, so it needs to make improvements with minimal amounts of engineer effort. In an article slated to go live on the Facebook Engineering blog on Thursday, Eric Sun, a software engineer from the entities team working on Graph Search, describes a few ways in which Facebook boosts the product step by step with the help of external data sets, user input and machine learning.” Read more

Improving the DATA Act

A recent article offers some compelling suggestions for ways to improve the Digital Accountability and Transparency (DATA) Act. The article states, “The DATA bill provides that items reported include name and address of recipient but no requirement that corporate persons identify the beneficial owner nor any parent-subsidiary corporate relationships. This week the Securities and Exchange Commission proposed draft ‘know your counter party’ rules for complex financial transactions known as swaps as part of its new package of rules implementing the Dodd-Frank legislation. Read more