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Inforbix acquired by Autodesk

inforbix LogoAutodesk (NASDAQ: ADSK), “a world leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software” announced today that it has acquired assets of Inforbix. Inforbix is a Semantic Technology-based product lifecycle management (PLM) company. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Inforbix was co-founded  in 2010 by CEO Oleg Shilovitsky and CIO Anatoly Savin to answer the problem of how to retrieve product data located in different places in manufacturing companies that affects development, supply chains and manufacturing systems. Our own Jennifer Zaino interviewed Shilovitsky last year about this.

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Making Dumb Data Intelligent

Oleg Shilovitsky, CEO of Inforbix and speaker at next month’s SemTechBiz Conference, has written a new article discussing the move to intelligent data. He writes, “I think the word ‘intelligent’ adds a special panache to most anything. It imparts a refreshing ‘smell’ that evokes the impression that something ‘smart’ is involved.  So a move from ‘dumb’ to ‘intelligent’ must be a good move, right? Jos Voskuil would answer ‘yes’ when it comes to moving data towards something more intelligent.”

Shilovitsky quotes a recent post by Voskuil regarding dumb data: “Here it was even more a key point of the discussion that most of the legacy data is stored in dumb documents. And the main reason dumb documents are used is because the data needs to be available during the long lifecycle of the the plant, application independent if possible. So in the previous century this was paper, later scanned documents (TIFF – PDF) and currently mainly PDF. Most of the data now is digital but where is the intelligence?” Read more

Semantically Handling Disambiguation without Icebergs

Oleg Shilovitsky of Inforbix recently described how Inforbix addresses disambiguation without so-called icebergs of information. Shilovitsky begins by quoting another article out of TopQuadrant: “Increasing regulatory and competitive demands on the business are forcing decision making to be more timely, and to be more integrated across the traditional business boundaries. However these icebergs are getting in the way of effective decision making.  One way to make any or all of this information available to consumers is to create the bigger iceberg. ‘Simply’ create the relational database schema that covers every past, current, and future business need, and build adapters to populate this database from the operational data stores. Unfortunately this mega-store can only get more complex as it has to keep up with an expanding scope of information required to support the decision making processes.” Read more

Link Power in Product Data

Oleg Shilovitsky, CEO, Inforbix recently commented on the exciting events that will be happening this year in the Semantic Web world, commenting, “One of the events I’m afraid I may miss is the upcoming SEMTECHBIZ in Berlin this February. I was catching online program and session information for the conference. One of the sessions caught my attention: The simple power of the link. Richard Wallis, technology evangelist of Kasabi will be talking about the power of linked data and some examples of implementations.” Read more

Inforbix Announces Cloud-Based Product Data Apps

Inforbix has announced a new cloud product data solution for manufacturing, Product Data Apps: “The revolutionary cloud-centric service helps engineers, project managers and other team members quickly and easily find, re-use, and share product data from disparate sources and file types.” Inforbix CEO Oleg Shilovitsky stated, “Money and time are wasted because most product data management professionals cannot locate the specific information needed without a manual search. Our system makes it easy for an engineer to pinpoint designs, specifications, and even quality control data with a mouse click. After extensive validation, we learned that as much as 40 percent of productive engineering time is wasted in data management activities. Inforbix reduces much of that wasted time.” Read more

Linking Disparate Data in Manufacturing

A recent article from Inforbix discusses the difficulties of linking data in manufacturing businesses. The article notes, “Product data in all its forms is located and sourced in different places in manufacturing companies.  Accessing product data is, moreover, confounded by how different systems deploy different methodologies (or languages) for how they keep track of it.  For example, an item known in engineering as a ‘Part’ may be called a ‘Component’ in production… What I’m trying to say here is that the mixture of different vocabularies or vernacular used in a typical manufacturing company makes it difficult for different systems to have a macro understanding of how product data located in different places is connected together.” Read more

What Inforbix is Doing for Engineers

A recent article from Inforbix comments on a quote from Lynda Moulton, writer of Semantic Software Technologies. Moulton said, “Besides baked-in intelligence for answering human questions using natural language processing (NLP) to search, an answer-platform like Watson requires tons of data. Also, data must be assembled in conceptually and contextually relevant databases for good answers to occur. When documents and other forms of electronic content are fed to a knowledgebase for semantic retrieval, finely crafted metadata (data describing the content) and excellent vocabulary control add enormous value. These two content enhancers, metadata and controlled vocabularies, can transform good search into excellent search.” Read more

Make Manufacturing Easier — At Least the Dealing With Data Part of It

When you think of manufacturing companies, you probably picture conveyor belts, milling machines, spot welders, and a whole slew of stamping, polishing, extracting and reformulating processes going on at the factory. But what you also should think about is all the darn data around the products these companies produce that resides in different files and across multiple applications and databases, and how navigating and presenting it in a way to get some meaning out of it can seem as complicated a process as operating a gear cutting machine or taking on a precision grinder.

That’s where startup Inforbix thinks product data semantics will make a  difference. The company was co-founded last year by CEO Oleg Shilovitsky and CIO Anatoly Savin to answer the problem of how to retrieve product data located in different places in manufacturing companies that affects development, supply chains and manufacturing systems, and it’s expected to bring a beta solution to light in the next couple of months.

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