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Cost-saving Pilot Programs to Support Warfighter Autonomy

WASHINGTON, June 19, 2013 – A call from the Defense Department to government labs for autonomous technology ideas that support the warfighter has been answered with seven initiatives.

Chosen from more than 50 submissions, the selected ideas will be tested in the Autonomy Research Pilot Initiative, officials said.

The pilot research initiative’s goal is to advance technologies that will result in autonomous systems that provide more capability to warfighters, lessen the cognitive load on operators and supervisors, and lower overall operational cost, explained Jennifer Elzea, a DOD spokeswoman. Read more

Semantic Tech & Other Advances Moving Libraries Forward

Ellyssa Kroski of American Libraries Magazine recently shared a list of ten technology initiatives that can improve libraries. She writes, “Today’s hottest web and mobile technologies are offering libraries a new world of opportunities to engage patrons. Ultra-popular social media websites and apps combined with the availability of affordable cloud-based services and the evolution and adoption of mobile devices are enabling librarians to share and build communities, store and analyze large collections of data, create digital collections, and access information and services in ways never thought about before.” Read more

Opening Up Pharma Data in the UK

Trevor Jackson, deputy editor of the BMJ (British Medical Journal), an international peer reviewed medical journal, recently discussed a number of open data initiatives currently underway in the United Kingdom. He begins, “One of the most popular videos on is a mini-lecture by the writer, doctor, and academic Ben Goldacre, called ‘What doctors don’t know about the drugs they prescribe’ (” Read more