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Nuance on the Future of Natural Language Processing


Gopal Sathe of NDTV Gadgets recently wrote, “We caught up with Sunny Rao, the MD of Nuance Communications India and South East Asia, and chatted about the developments in speech recognition, frustrations with using speech-to-text software and how the way we interact with our devices is about to change forever. Rao speaks like a person who has been talking to machines for a long time – his speech is clear, and there’s a small space around each word for maximum clarity. Over tea, we’re able to discuss how voice recognition is being used around the world, and how he sees the future of the technology shaping up. And naturally, we talked about the movie Her.” Read more Turns Any Website Into an API for Free


Max Smolaks of Tech Week Europe reports, “Andrew Fogg, co-founder of the UK start-up, thinks every web resource should have an Application Programming Interface (API). In order to make online data more accessible, his company turns any website into a spreadsheet or an API, for free. Fogg claims that in the past few months, the users of this service have created more Web APIs than the rest of the Internet combined. Jerome Bouteiller has interviewed the entrepreneur at LeWeb 2013 conference in Paris, where the two discussed the future of the company and the idea of the Semantic Web, proposed by the ‘father of the Internet’ Sir Tim Berners-Lee.” Read more

How Locu Proved Its $70M Worth


Andrea Huspeni of reports, “The internet has been around for decades, but many mom-and-pop shops continue to drag their feet when it comes to creating an online presence. To help, there’s Locu, a service that allows companies to create a digital footprint through self-service tools. Four Massachusetts Institute of Technology students — working out of a lab put on by Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web — founded the site in 2011. Locu has managed to get 30,000 businesses to sign up for it service, by providing an easy-to-use dashboard for small business marketing materials. So it allows companies to update online content like menus and pricing lists. The company works on a freemium model, offering some of its basic services for free, with additional benefits costing $25 a month.” Read more

Jeff Hawkins on Open Source and Machine Learning Meeting Big Data

Simon Phipps of InfoWorld recently wrote, “At OSCON in Portland, Ore., last month, I had the chance to meet Jeff Hawkins, the inventor of the Palm Pilot and arguably the father of the smartphone. I learned that he is now pioneering the analysis of huge streams of real-time data using insights gained as a neuroscientist. His company offers a product that can learn the characteristics of data streams, predict their future actions, and identifiy anomalies. He has just recently taken the core of that product and released it as a GPLv3-licensed open source project on GitHub so that anyone can build machine intelligence into their systems. Below is a video of our discussion, followed by an edited version of the interview.” Read more

Translating Speech in Real Time at AT&T

Brian Steiner of Popular Mechanics reports, “AT&T Translator, a service on the company’s teleconference system that translates speech between languages in real time, is currently in pilot testing by some of the company’s biggest business customers. PopMech caught up with Mazin Gilbert, assistant vice president for technical research at AT&T Labs–Research, to learn about the challenges of teaching machines to understand human speech.”

Gilbert told Steiner, “Language is one of the largest barriers to communication globally. Read more

AdSense Turns 10, Looks to Future of Advertising

Megan Garber of The Atlantic reports, “On June 18, 2003, Google made an announcement. Following the successful launch of AdWords, the firm was going to extend its search-based ad program with a new service that would allow web publishers to serve ads themselves — ads that would be precisely targeted to the specific content of their individual web pages. ‘With Google AdSense,’ Google announced, ‘publishers serve text-based Google AdWords ads on their site and Google pays them for clicks on these ads.’ This, Google reasoned, was a win-win: “users benefit from more relevant ads and publishers can maximize the revenue potential of their websites.” Read more

The Latest Breakthroughs of E-Discovery

Ben Cole of SearchCompliance recently interviewed information management expert Jeffrey Ritter about the latest e-discovery breakthroughs and best practices. Asked about the biggest breakthroughs in e-discovery, Ritter replied, “There are four of them worth mentioning. The first breakthrough that has never been appreciated in the legal community is the use of visualization patterning technology… The second… is the development and implementation of audit management tools in the field of e-discovery and the related legal services.” Read more

An Interview with MindTouch CEO, Aaron Fulkerson

Andrew Nusca of ZDnet recently interviewed MindTouch CEO Aaron Fulkerson about his company’s use of machine learning. Nusca writes, “When I last wrote about MindTouch, the San Diego-based company, I mentioned that there was a lot of money on the line—$83 billion, according to one market estimate—to get customer service right. MindTouch’s latest gambit? Machine learning. Read more

An Interview with Bitext Founder Antonio S. Valderrábanos

ArnoldIT reports, “At Cebit in Hannover, Germany, I caught up with Antonio S. Valderrábanos, the founder of Bitext. His company has been growing rapidly, announcing deals with Salesforce and the Spanish government. Bitext provides multilingual semantic technologies, with probably the highest accuracy in the market, for companies that use text analytics and natural language interfaces. I interviewed him in April 2008. Bitext has added significant and important technology to its multi-lingual content processing system. In addition to support for more languages, the company is getting significant attention for its flexible sentiment analysis system.” Read more

How to Make Machine Learning Work for Your Business

Dan Woods of Forbes reports, “It’s easy to get caught up in the mystique of machine learning. After all, what’s not to like about the idea of algorithms sucking up and sorting through the data detritus of our companies’ back alleys like a Roomba Sweeper Vac? The reality is a bit more complex. Like any ‘breakthrough’ technology, machine learning involves some forethought and discipline before being let loose in the enterprise. I recently spoke with Bob Tennant, CEO of Recommind, a San Francisco-based unstructured information management and analysis company, seeking a few points of advice about where to use machine learning most effectively.” Read more