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Ireland to Create a €5m Technology Centre in Cork

883322_5609dc56a3Barry Roche of the Irish Times recently wrote, “Taoiseach [the Irish term for ‘Prime Minister’] Enda Kenny will today launch a €5 million technology centre in Cork designed to create new business opportunities for Irish financial services and technology companies through addressing governance and compliance issues. The Governance, Risk and Compliance Technology Centre (GRCTC) is the latest addition to the network of 15 Technology centres in Ireland and will carry out R&D on semantic technologies which encode meanings separately from data and content files.” Read more

Fujitsu Looks to Ireland for the Future of Linked Data, Semantic Web

Carmel Doyle of Silicon Republic reports, “Fujitsu Laboratories is set to engage in a series of collaborative Irish research projects over the next three years to test technologies in order to steer the ICT company’s future strategy. Fujitsu Ireland CEO Regina Moran said collaborative R&D has the scope to deliver a seven-fold return on an initial investment. Moran was speaking at an innovation conference organised by Fujitsu that kicked off in Croke Park in Dublin this morning. Industry strategists and academics are convening at the one-day event to thrash out ideas on ways of maximising R&D collaboration in order to translate research activity into commercial outputs.” Read more

8 Projects at NUI Galway to Receive €1M in Funding

Marie Madden of the Galway Independent reports, “Eight projects at NUI Galway are to receive over €1m in funding from Science Foundation Ireland (SFI). The investment is being made through SFI’s Technology Innovation Development Award (TIDA), in collaboration with Enterprise Ireland, and will focus on commercially relevant projects. The projects in receipt of the funding will include those focusing on acute leukaemia, bovine mastitis, biological oxygen demand monitoring system for wastewaters, GlycoShield, cancer therapy, drought stress tolerance in crop plants, social semantic journalism and the development of a data mapping system for retail business planning. The news was welcomed by Galway TD Derek Nolan, who said that it would enable numerous research teams to take the first steps in developing new discoveries and inventions with commercial potential.” Read more

Sophia Search Closes $3.7M Series A Funding Round

Sophia Search, the Belfast-based innovation leader in semantic content analysis, Chaired by industry veteran Chris Horn, today announced that it has closed a $3.7 million Series A funding round. The investment was led by Atlantic Bridge, and will be used to increase marketing and sales efforts in North America and the UK and to accelerate product roll-out at its development facility at the Northern Ireland Science Park. This financing round represents one of the largest venture investments in a Northern Ireland company in recent times. Read more

DERI and Fujitsu Form Research Alliance in Ireland

Tech Central reports, “Fujitsu Ireland and local scientists have formed a research alliance to explore the commercial opportunities that can be exploited through the semantic web. The semantic web Big Data project is a collaborative movement led by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that promotes common formats for data on the web. By encouraging the inclusion of semantic content in web pages, the semantic web aims to convert the current web of unstructured documents into a ‘web of data’.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Seevl

Seevl is looking for a Frontend Engineer in Galway, Ireland. According to the company, “We are a small and growing start-up, starving to build beautiful products for music junkies. We are looking for people that share our vision, have a passion for music and a nerdiness for all things data-related… We are currently hiring our first full-time engineer to join the team! We are looking for a talented and passionate individual that will work essentially on front-end development (HTML5, CSS, JQuery and friends, mobile frameworks) but who can easily switch to back-end when needed (Python, APIs, JSON).” Read more

US Takes a Note from Ireland on Open Data

The US has launched open data standards that were originally developed in Ireland, John Kennedy reports. He writes, “The open data movement is in full swing and tools and standards created in Ireland are to prove pivotal to open data employed by the US government. It emerged today that agencies in the US Government have adopted a set of web tools and standards developed in Ireland by researchers at NUI Galway’s Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI). DERI’s technologies are being utilised by, a portal developed to bring an unprecedented level of transparency to the US government. DERI’s research, which is funded by Science Foundation Ireland, focuses on enabling networked knowledge, using the latest semantic web and linked data technologies.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Smarter Cities Technology Centre

IBM’s Smarter Cities Technology Centre (SCTC) is looking for a Researcher of Social Semantic Web in Mulhuddart, Ireland. The Centre “is accepting applications for full-time researchers from entry-level through principal investigators. We are researching novel ways to enable citizens, services, and service providers to interact coherently in a smarter city. We are creating and leveraging Social Media and Web 2.0 software tools that help to capture, organize and benefit from the wealth of city data being generated by urban and environmental sensors, including citizen-contributed data.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: IBM Dublin Research Laboratory

The Smarter Cities Technology Centre at IBM’s Dublin Research Laboratory is looking for a Researcher of Social Semantic Web. According to the post, “We are researching novel ways to enable citizens, services, and service providers to interact coherently in a smarter city. We are creating and leveraging Social Media and Web 2.0 software tools that help to capture, organize and benefit from the wealth of city data being generated by urban and environmental sensors, including citizen-contributed data. We are looking for researchers with strong expertise in the areas of: (1) Social Media and Web 2.0 , preferably with geospatial applications. (2) Capturing, representing, exploiting social media and crowd-sourced information. (3) Enabling users and developers to easily leverage linked open data as an information source. (4) Collaborative, end-user-driven knowledge enrichment.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: DERI

The Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) at the National University of Ireland in Galway is looking for a Postdoctoral Researcher in Social Software. According to the post, “The successful candidate will co-lead a team of postdoctoral and postgraduate researchers focusing on topics such as the Social Web, the Semantic Web, Semantic Information Systems, Distributed Social Networks, Ontology design for the Social Web, the Internet of Things and the Social Web, Citizen Sensing, Linked Data and the Social Semantic Web. He/she is expected to act as thesis supervisor or co-supervisor for several PhD and Master students and to become the principal scientific investigator on a number of key DERI projects.” Read more