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Video: Linking Smart Cities Datasets at ISWC

Irene Celino recently shared a presentation on Linking Smart Cities Datasets with Human Computation: the case of UrbanMatch at the eleventh annual ISWC conference in Boston. The description of the presentation states, “To realize the Smart Cities vision, applications can leverage the large availability of open datasets related to urban environments. Those datasets need to be integrated, but it is often hard to automatically achieve a high-quality interlinkage. Human Computation approaches can be employed to solve such a task where machines are ineffective.” Read more

Urbanopoly: Gamers’ Way To Smarten Up Cities

What makes a city smart is having the right information at the right moment for the right stakeholder. Opening up city government data is the first step to that, and some cities are actively doing so right now – New York City, San Francisco, Boston in the U.S., for example. Those that aren’t should perhaps take a peek at the Urbanopoly mobile app for Android devices, which takes the approach of consuming, creating and assessing the quality of Smart City-related data.

“I believe that this kind of application could convince people and public authorities to release their data set even if the data is not high quality,” says Irene Celino, senior researcher and senior consultant at CEFRIEL which, with the Politecnico di Milano within the PlanetData Research Project, developed the mobile game based on human computation and Linked Data technologies. The effort was co-funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme. “Even if they’re not sure of the quality of the data you can still make it open and ask the community to improve it. This is the moment in which a real collaborative system can be built between individual citizens and administrations and app developers and scientists.”

Introduced in May and debuting on Google’s AppStore in July – and presented last week at ISWC — Urbanopoly, one of the finalists of the Semantic Web Challenge 2012, is a social, mobile and location-based game with a purpose that started with the Milano region in Italy and then added Amsterdam and Boston locations.

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