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Semantic Web Job: Information Solution Architect

Jeppesen logoJeppesen is seeking an information solution architect. The job description states: “This person will serve as an Information Architect for development of a large, geospatial data management system. Specifically, this person will specify and implement approaches to ensure efficient access, editing, and transaction management for geospatial data and work in the database and access layer of the system. This involves tuning the Physical Data Model and optimization for performance with Oracle 12c Spatial and Graph, Oracle Workspace Manager, and custom developed data access frameworks and services in Java.  This person will interact with data modeling, database administration, data center/IT, and software engineering teams.” Read more

Semantic Web Job: Project Manager

Algebraix Data logoAlgebraix Data is looking for a project manager. The job listing states, “Algebraix Data is leading a revolution in enterprise database management by using advanced algebraic techniques. These techniques make our system inherently self-optimizing, self-managing, and are the key to our benchmark busting performance and scalability. Our products provide unprecedented and unique advantages for business intelligence, data mining and decision support applications involving really Big Data. As a member of Algebraix Data’s engineering team, your mission will be to manage our software projects as we design and deliver some of the most significant technical innovations the database industry has seen in over sixty years.”

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Semantic Technology Job: Natural Language Processing Expert

morfologica logoMorfologica, Inc. is looking for a Natural Language Processing expert. The job description states: “Morfologica Inc. is a small business that provides consulting and engineering services in the fields of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computational Linguistics to academic, business and government organizations. We are a growing company with lots of opportunities and great benefits for qualified candidates with a passion for this field. We are looking to support a customer in the Fort Meade area by adding experienced NLP Experts, Computer Scientists, Computational Linguists, Theoretical or General Linguists, and Knowledge Engineers to our team. Qualified candidates with a strong background in Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science or Library Science are also encouraged to apply. Interested candidates will be working at a customer site supporting ongoing research efforts for NSA.  The work being done will include development and testing of parsers, part-of-speech taggers, Wordnet applications, and processing of multi-lingual data. The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of one or more natural language processing techniques, knowledge-base or rule-based developent, and programming experience in NLP-related technologies. The candidate will also have on-going experience providing consulting and support in fields related NLP. Individuals with continued experience with multiple NLP tools and techniques are preferred.”
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Semantic Web Job: Healthline

Healthline Networks LogoHealthline Networks is seeking an Informatics Sr. Java Software Engineer in San Francisco, California. This position offers the opportunity to “Work with dynamic Engineering and Medical Informatics Teams to enhance Healthline’s medical ontology. Healthline is a web health technology company, employing tools for the future.” The Responsibilities include: “Design and implement algorithms for integrating medical standard dictionaries into Healthline ontology; Develop data mining processes to create our Semantic Network; Work on an authoring tool that allows Medical Informatics Specialists to successfully and easily edit our ontology; Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: HP

HP is looking for a Technical Lead with SOA implementation experience in San Antonio, TX. In addition to SOA experience, the company is looking for someone with strong working knowledge of Oracle HR and semantic web technology. According to the post, “Our $4 billion annual R&D investment fuels the invention of products, solutions and new technologies so we can better serve customers and enter new markets. We invent, engineer and deliver technology solutions that drive business value, create social value and improve the lives of our customers. Hewlett-Packard is a leading global technology services provider delivering business solutions to its clients.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: GE Global Research

GE’s Global Research Division is looking for a Semantic Lead Scientist in Niskayuna, NY. According to the post, “As a Semantic Lead Scientist, you will work with multi-disciplinary teams to develop tools and ontologies for application to a diverse set of industrial, service and financial problems. You will demonstrate a strong technical background and independently execute projects in areas of model development, semantic and ontology technology specification and development, and information extraction.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: QinetiQ

QinetiQ North America’s Services and Solutions Group is looking for a Senior Web Services Engineer/Architect in Alexandria, VA. According to the post, “This position will construct the overall system architecture working collaboratively with other team members. The approach is a functionally-based model-driven engineering approach that requires knowledge of engineering and architecture methodologies, frameworks, and artifacts.  This ranges from high-level presentation drawings, to UML and other engineering artifacts, as well as architecture artifacts such as those described by the DoDAF (or equivalent) framework.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Accenture Technology Labs

Accenture is looking for a Digital Experiences Researcher in San Jose, CA. According to the post, the company’s technology lab “is seeking creative and energetic candidates capable of defining and executing a strong research program in the area of Integrated Digital Experiences.  This research group is focused on developing innovative ways to engage with customers over emerging digital channels such as social networks, interactive surfaces, mobile devices, and internet-connected TVs. We are investigating new modes of interaction using these channels, new ways of analyzing the rich customer data these channels provide (such as customer profiling and social network analysis), and next generation architectures that support highly personalized multi-channel interactions.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Meher Solutions

Meher Solutions is looking for an RDF Expert for a contract position of at least six months in Hopewell, NJ. The company is looking for someone to be responsible for development and architectural activities. Qualifications for the position include the following: “Knowledge of different system supporting RDF. Expertise in implementation of RDF based solutions. Experience in semantic analysis. Understanding of financials data and trends. Prepare high quality documentation. Excellent written and oral communication skills.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Aetea Information Technology

Aetea Information Technology is searching for a Senior Software Engineer/MongoDB Expert for their client in Philadelphia, PA. Qualifications for the position include: “Hands-on experience with MongoDB or other NoSQL technologies. Enterprise search such as Lucene/SOLR. Amazon cloud computing environment. Software build and continuous integration technologies such as Ant, Maven, CVS, SVN, GIT, CruiseControl, Hudson. Full understanding of Test Driven Development concepts and testing frameworks (JUnit, Selenium/Watir, etc.)” Read more