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Semantic Web Jobs: JPMorgan Chase


JPMorgan Chase is looking for a Backup Engineer, Global Services Operations in Columbus, OH. The post states, “The Storage Operate team is responsible for all global storage deploy and operate functions, including global Storage Area Network (SAN), Network Attached Storage (NAS), and Backup operations, Level 1, 2 and 3 support, P1 management, maintenance, tools rollout and support, tech refresh planning and oversight, finance, service management and reporting, operational risk management, and continual service improvement.” Responsibilities include: “Resolving high priority incident tickets, up to P1S1. Engaging internal customers. Attendance on management and technical bridges through incident resolution and preparation and presentation of root cause analysis. Coordinating and driving both internal and external vendor IT support teams in resolution activities.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: JPMorgan Chase


JPMorgan Chase is looking for a Lead Application Developer in New York, NY. According to the post, “The Business Translation Team (BTT) provides firm-wide architectural and engineering services to support standardized integration of business and application capabilities and services. BTT conducts engagements across multiple lines of business in areas such as requirements decomposition, process and data design, technology design, business transaction design and business rules development. This role represents an exciting opportunity for a senior developer to be involved in the cutting program that is helping solve many of the firm’s risk and regulatory problems. The lead developer will be responsible for helping deliver the engineering pipeline in support of upcoming BTT engagements. The priority will be to take over and advance the bottom-up analysis tool capabilities.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase is searching for a Linked Data Integration Engineer in New York, NY. According to the post, “The Engineer will focus on analysis, design, and development of a firm-wide linked open data solution. The Engineer will work with architects, application developers and systems analysts to construct and implement a set of solutions and tools that support multiple lines of business across JPMC. These solutions will involve the integration of various disparate systems within a common information model and disparate data sources.”

It continues, “Candidates should be well versed in Java and various components of the J2EE stack and application servers, including J2SE, Tomcat, Weblogic, jDBC, Spring, Eclipse, Ant, Maven, RMI, Java Server Faces, JUnit, and JMS. Read more

WEBCAST: Enterprise Policy Management with Semantic Technologies (presenter, Evren Sirin)

If you missed this excellent live webcast with Evren Sirin, CTO, Clark & Parsia, the recorded webcast is now available.  You also can meet Evren in Washington DC, November 29-December 1, 2011 for SemTechBiz DC. The customer mentioned in this case study, JP Morgan Chase, will be co-presenting and discussing how they are implementing Access Control using Semantic Technologies.

Enterprise Policy Management with Semantic Technologies with Evren Sirin - click to watch the webcast.


Access control is an essential part of nearly every IT system; Read more

Get More Robust Access Control, Courtesy of Semantic Technology

At JPMorgan Chase, application security and semantic web technology are teaming up. David C. Laurance, who works in the former area at the financial services giant, is pursuing an initiative with semantic technology vendor Clark & Parsia, and its CTO Evren Sirin, that’s focused on authorization policy management. The primary goal is to ensure that a given access control policy – enabled by the XACML (eXtensible Access Control Markup Language) Oasis standard that provides a high-level XML-based language to describe access control policies for distributed resources – covers the actual business requirements for the application it protects.

It’s critical in the financial sector, with its trove of customer records and accounts and its requirements to separate duties around actions such as placing and settling trades, to have robust access control capabilities in place. Other verticals – think of health care and its rules and regulations around patient privacy – also take advantage of the XACML standard to describe control policies, to say in a declarative way which kinds of subjects can perform what kinds of actions on which resources.

Photo: Flickr/ Alexandre Dulaunoy

But XACML on its own doesn’t catch those things that might be wrong in a policy – the door may be left open to contradictory permissions because of the combination of different user characteristics embedded in a policy, for example.

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“This is a matter of what kind of analysis do I have to do for critical policies to make sure that they’re right,” Laurance explains. “When you have two different permissions, that’s where you can get into mischief.” That mischief might be the purposeful actions of a rogue trader out to defraud a bank, or it might be the accidental result of not ensuring that the right oversight and authorizations are maintained. Either way, it’s a potential problem.

Read more

Semantic Job of the Day

JPMorgan Chase is searching for a Senior Java Developer/SEAL Technology Lead for its Firmwide Engineering and Architecture (FE&A) department. According to the job post, “This role is an opportunity for a senior developer/team lead to take responsibility for a platform that will become a critical component providing crucial information used in senior management’s planning and analysis. In addition to the challenges inherent with the core of the platform comprising a vendor product, the scale and complexity of our environment provide additional challenges for this role spanning traditional web development, integration, business intelligence, ETL and semantic web technologies.”

Image: Courtesy JPMorgan Chase