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JWS Releases Special Issue on Scalability

The Journal of Web Semantics has released volume 10, a special issue on Scalability edited by Jeff Heflin and Heiner Struckenschmidt: “Preprints from the issue, which includes a short introduction and four research papers, are available on the Journal of Web Semantics preprint server.” The preprints include an editorial by Heflin and Struckenschmidt entitled Web-Scale Semantic Information Processing.

Other preprint articles currently available online include the following: Scalable Distributed Indexing and Query Processing over Linked Data by Marcel Karnstedt, Kai-Uwe Sattler and Manfred Hauswirth; Searching Web Data: an Entity Retrieval and High-Performance Indexing Model by Renaud Delbru, Stephane Campinas and Giovanni Tummarello Read more

JWS Publishes Special Issue: Using Provenance in the Semantic Web

The Journal of Web Semantics has published a special issue entitled Using Provenance in the Semantic Web. According to the editors, “The issue highlights top research at the intersection of provenance and the Semantic Web. The papers addressed a range of topics including: tracking provenance of DBpedia back to the underlying Wikipedia edits [Orlandi & Passant]; how to enable reproducibility using Semantic techniques [Moreau]; how to use provenance to effectively reason over large amounts (1 billion triples) of messy data [Bonatti et al.]; and how to begin to capture semantically the intent of scientists [Pignotti et al.].” Read more