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Bring On The Apps For New Cognitive Computing Cloud Platform

CogScalelogoOctober saw the debut of Cognitive Scale’s cognitive cloud platform, which provides sourcing, analyzing and interpreting data of all sorts and context signals on any public cloud infrastructure. The details of the platform for pulling insights out of massive amounts of multi-structured data are covered in a story you can read at our sister site Here, The Semantic Web Blog relays some more information about usage scenarios around its services, according to Matt Sanchez, the company’s founder, chief technology officer, and vice president of products.

The platform includes at its top layer vertical applications, and healthcare is a main focus. Guided care applications have a spot here. The role of care managers becomes more important in the changing world of healthcare costs and reimbursements, where patient engagement – especially of the chronically ill – can keep a pediatric asthma patient, for example, from showing up in the ER room, which translates to a high-cost visit. Today, “provider organizations are more incented to be proactive in care,” says Sanchez, which means asking and analyzing who is at risk right now and what can be done to prevent a negative outcome like that.

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IBM Watson Group Launches As New Business Unit

ibmwatsonevent3IBM is getting down to business with Watson. Today it officially launched its NYC-based IBM Watson Group at an event in downtown Manhattan. The new business unit – a $1 billion investment for Big Blue – will be headed up by Mike Rhodin, senior VP for Watson and formerly its Software Solutions Group lead,

“We don’t form a business unit very often. When we do it’s to make our company, our clients, our partners accelerate progress. It’s not just about business—it’s about advances that make a big difference to all of society, said IBM CEO Ginni Rometty at the event, which took place at 4 World Trade Center and also was streamed live online. Declaring us to be in the “cognitive” era of computing, in which computers will learn, get smarter over time and unleash insights from Big Data, to help us make better judgments, Rometty discussed IBM’s plan of having entrepreneurs and developers leverage its Watson Developer Cloud to create their own solutions, and the interest by some 750 companies in working with them towards those ends.

Some 2000 people will be part of the new IBM group, which will be situated in the East Village’s Silicon Alley. To drive the ecosystem it wants to see around Watson Cloud-delivered cognitive apps and services, it’s making $100 million of that billion dollars available for venture investments in startups and businesses. The fundamental idea, Rhodin noted, is pulling together the cloud, content, and investment to get things up and running. “The first thing you need in an ecosystem is the developer cloud, the second thing is…content, the fuel of a cognitive system,” he said, and you need to “make a pool of talent available to the ecosystem to accelerate its speed and build-out.”

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ZapTravel Aims to Master Semantic Travel Search

Sean O’Neill of Tnooz reports, “ZapTravel‘s elevator pitch is that it’s ‘a smart Kayak for tailored deals when you don’t know where or when you want to go.’ Type in a query in natural language, like ‘go hiking in Italy in May,’ and the site will provide information on relevant flights, hotels and activities. While Google sometimes is able to resolve ‘SFO to LAX for April 4‘, ZapTravel claims to let users ask broad queries. Examples: ‘I’d like to get away from London for a long-weekend to a place with notable cuisine’ or ‘I want to visit a notable LGBT event in Europe in May.’ Or ‘We want to take a honeymoon to a beach destination staying in a 5 star hotel for under 1,000 euros’.” Read more

Whatever Happened To … And What’s That About a Semantic UI-Inspired Tablet?

Will some semantic web mysteries soon be solved? There’s been some chatter in the last few weeks about how some semantic technologies acquired by some giants in the IT space will at last see the light of day in their respective platforms. At the same time, the publicity engine has been hard at work for an upcoming tablet that also promises some semantic goodness.

Let’s start with Google, which in the spring closed on its acquisition of ITA Software, a move that was expected to help it get semantics into travel booking thanks to ITA’s Matrix airfare search engine (see our story here). Earlier this month the rumors started circulating with TechCrunch that Google would launch an ITA integrated-flight search product within a few weeks that could include features such as map-based search and information on flights, times and prices based on general search terms, such as ski trip, and user IP addresses that could bring up options from Colorado or Utah, for instance. It’s a few weeks later, and we’re still waiting.

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