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Semantic Search and the Data Center


Haim Koshchitzky of Sys-Con Media recently wrote, “Enterprise applications can ‘live’ in many places and their logs might be scattered and unstandardized. First generation log analysis tools made some of the log data searchable, but the onus was on the developer to know what to look for. That process could take many hours, potentially leading to unacceptable downtime for critical applications. Proprietary log formats also confuse and confound conventional keyword search. That’s why semantic search can be so helpful. It uses machine intelligence to understand the context of words, so it becomes possible for a Google user to type ‘cheap flights to Tel Aviv on February 10th’ rather than just ‘cheap flights’ and receive a listing of actual flights rather than links to airline discounters. Bing Facebook, Google and some vertical search engines include semantic technology to better understand natural language. It saves time and creates a better experience.” Read more

How Google’s Semantic Search Will Affect the Web

Jon Mitchell recently looked into the implications of Google’s decision to start incorporating semantic search into its keyword search system. He writes, “This is bound to shake up the way today’s keyword-driven search engine optimization works. The essence of the SEO game is tailoring page titles, URLs, topic tags and body text to the words and phrases people use to search the Web. Google only has to match the keywords in the query to the keywords on the Web using a lexical database. That’s relatively easy, and it allows humans to game the system.” Read more