rsz_innoconstraintThe Plante Moran 2013 Innovation Survey that was recently released doesn’t have anything specifically to do with semantic, Linked Data, AI, machine learning or related technologies. But it’s hard to ignore their place in innovation, which 94 out of 100 business leaders responded is a priority for them.

The survey reported that more than 90 percent of leaders saw innovation as being important to sustainability and growth; 85 percent recorded that it matters to new or improved processes; and more than 70 percent saw its value for improved products or services, to name just a few critical areas. Most readers of this blog likely will recognize that such outcomes are often realized by companies that follow semantic and other smart and innovative technologies down paths of innovation to new offerings and other key returns (Google anyone?).

Companies still experience constraints on making innovation happen, though, one of them being lack of access to new technology, according to the survey. But the report also finds that collaboration was considered a possible jumpstarter for innovation among three out of four of the respondents.

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