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Power To Your Own Data: Haggle Helps You Make Deals

haggleFormer Personalized Media CEO Rajiv Salimath hosts a launch party March 1 for his latest venture, Haggle. What Haggle’s about, he says, is letting people use their own data to show venues – starting with restaurants – how they’re a valuable customer, and turn that to their purchasing advantage.

Users can apply today for their shot at getting personalized pricing via the Haggle mobile app through realtime digital interactions with businesses that have also signed onto the platform. By launch that should include some 75 restaurants in New York, with the goal of hitting 100 to 150 there and another 150 in the San Francisco area in the spring.

How it works, Salimath says, is that users give the app access to their social data, which it crunches and gives back to them. “We take all your social and digital data and convert it to real-world metrics that matter,” he says. “We give you the data to negotiate with businesses.” It calculates four scores including social influence, loyalty to a particular spot, history of going to places of that type generally (seafood restaurants, for instance), and purchasing power, and based on those scores a screen swipe for the locale reveals the personalized discount that venue is willing to give the user – which he or she may attempt to further negotiate online. All the user needs to do is show the screen to the wait staff for the discount to be applied to the bill.

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Publishers Pick Personalization That Ties Concepts To Interests

Once upon a time there was a semantic web startup dubbed Knewco, touting a knowledge discovery/ contextual advertising system for health care and life sciences content providers and advertisers (see this story). After a long journey toiling in the land of targeted health sites, it realized these prospects didn’t provide the best opportunity for its micro-targeted ad strategy. So, with a restructured management team and some fresh capital in place, in the latter half of 2011 it began a new quest: To become the semantic platform for premium publishers to help deliver personalized content recommendations and ads to readers and get more revenue, traffic and stickiness in the process.

Renamed Personalized Media, and now headed by CEO Rajiv Salimath, principal back in the Knewco days, the company’s technology now is in an advanced testing stage with premium publishers who will be white-labeling the system. Salimath can’t disclose their names, but suffice it to say that you’ve seen some of them prominently mentioned in these virtual pages before. So, what does Personalized Media bring to the party that’s attractive to some of these sites that already have taken steps – sometimes big ones – to bring semantic intelligence to their web presence?

From There to Here

When The Semantic Web Blog spoke with Salimath in late 2009, he discussed the technology’s prowess at understanding concepts and inter-relating them to other ideas. In its current incarnation, Personalized Media’s semantic search algorithms make it possible to find and suggest to readers other content – text, video, even apps, from the source itself, its associate properties or elsewhere on the web, depending on publisher preferences – that’s relevant to any word or term they highlight, or to the page at large. The content appears in a bubble at the user’s click.

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