Eqentia added to its content discovery and knowledge management portal this week features to recommend additional content or people connections to end users and content curators. But it’s also been doing some other interesting work in the past couple of months on the back-end that draws on semantic technologies to help curators and content administrators of custom Eqentia-based knowledge portals with their taxonomies.

This is where YAGO (Yet Another Great Ontology), a semantic knowledge base some 2 million entities strong that extracts structured information from Wikipedia via DBpedia, comes into play. In essence, YAGO reveals Wikipedia to the Semantic Web, explains CEO William Mougayar.

YAGO gives Eqentia a list of companies and persons to to use for its auto-complete list. Once the user clicks what he wants from the auto complete list — say “Steve Jobs”– Eqentia takes “Steve_Jobs” (note the underscore) and builds a SPARQL query to DBpedia that extracts all related labels by which DBpedia knows “Steve Jobs.” As Eqentia explains it, the upshot is that Eqentia uses a local copy of YAGO to quickly search companies and persons to get a unique “key” that is shared by all 3 systems (YAGO, DBpedia and Wikipedia), and which is then used to query DBpedia for any related labels.

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