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Google Now, Privacy, and a Better Internet

Matt Cilderman of Seeking Alpha recently discussed the rise of Google Now, the service’s potential, and its effect on our privacy. He writes, “In Google’s ’2012 Update from the CEO,’ Larry Page explains the importance of one of their free services, Google Plus: ‘Imagine how much better search would be if we added… you. Say you’ve been studying computer science for awhile like me, then the information you need won’t be that helpful to a relative novice and vice versa. If you’re searching for a particular person, you want the results for that person – not everyone else with the same name. These are hard problems to solve without knowing your identity, your interests, or the people you care about… Google+ helps solve this problem for us because it enables Google to understand people and their connections…This kind of next-generation search in which Google understands real-world entities – things, not strings – will help improve our results in exciting new ways. It’s about building genuine knowledge into our search engine’.” Read more

Google Renames its Search Group as the Knowledge Group

A recent article reports on internal shifts happening at Google following Larry Page’s takeover: “Google has seven major product groups. Advertising, Commerce & Local, Mobile (Android), Social, Chrome, YouTube and Search. Search is, of course, Google’s first and most important product. But that group actually no longer exists internally. As of April, when Larry Page took over as CEO of the company, the search group was renamed the ‘knowledge group’ internally. Google confirms the change. And, they point out, it was actually publicly announced in an SEC filing made on April 11. Nobody seems to have noticed that someone was named the SVP of a Google product group that previously hadn’t existed. Why the change? That’s a longer story.” Read more

Larry Page Steps Up as Google’s New CEO. Will Semantic Search Gain Traction?

Yesterday Google co-founder Larry Page took over as CEO of the company: “Eric Schmidt, who was ‘adult supervision,’ and CEO for 10 years will remain chairman. He will continue representing Google in the public (something Page hates to do).”

According to the article, “Googlers and ex-Googlers say the company’s new CEO, cofounder Larry Page, is an unpretentious, rude person who will find interacting with other people the most challenging part of his new job. Read more