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Declara Individualizes Large-Scale Learning

coggraphLearning at large-scale. That’s the work Declara is undertaking with its CognitiveGraph platform that leverages semantic search, social platforms and predictive analytics to build context-specific learning pathways for the individuals involved in mass learning efforts. Think, for example, of teachers in a country working to re-educate all its educators, or retail and manufacturing workers in parts of the world who need new skill sets because machines have taken on the work these people used to do.

Adults don’t have the luxury of just being focused on learning, so “we try to help them learn more effectively and quickly, using the CognitiveGraph as a way of knowing where to start from and how to get them to positive outcomes faster,” says co-founder and CEO Ramona Pierson. Its intelligent learning platform will determine what mentors and information exist within a closed private network or on the Web relative to supporting a user’s learning needs; what of all that will be the best fit for a particular user; and then match that learner to the best pathway to acquire the new skills. Among the technologies Declara is leveraging is Elasticsearch (which the Semantic Web Blog discussed most recently here) realtime search and analytics capabilities to turn data into insights.

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Concept Searching Announces October Webinar Schedule

McLean, VA, US and Stevenage, UK (PRWEB UK) 16 September 2013 — Concept Searching, a global leader in semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management software, and developer of the Smart Content Framework™, is pleased to announce the webinar schedule for October 2013. Concept Searching webinars cover a variety of topics such as SharePoint, Office 365, solving business challenges, IT trends, and include the popular ‘How To’ technology series. The webinars have speakers who are experts in their respective fields, to offer best practices and use cases.

The month of October is focused on compliance, information management, and open-source environments, and the ‘How To’ SharePoint webinars focus on securing sensitive information, and using intelligent metadata in records management. Read more

Upcoming Webcast: “Introduction to SKOS” with Bob DuCharme

Date: Thursday, October 6, 2011
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In August, we had the pleasure of hosting the excellent instructor, Bob DuCharme, as he walked us through an introduction to SPARQL: “SPARQL Queries, SPARQL Technology.” Next week, Bob will join us again, this time to introduce us to SKOS, the Simple Knowledge Organization System standard.


You manage a taxonomy, thesaurus, or some other kind of controlled vocabulary using a proprietary tool or perhaps even by emailing around spreadsheets to each other. Read more

New Course Offering: Intro to Semantic Technologies, Linked Data, & Ontologies

Learn the conceptual framework and principles required to apply
semantic technologies to various domains

semsphere logoSemsphere is offering a three-module, distance-learning course called, “Intro to Semantic Technologies, Linked Data, and Ontologies,” and is pleased to announce that our readers get a 10% discount on course fees.  The course will take place over four weeks and is designed for researchers, evangelists, and hobbyists who want to use semantic technologies.

It features live, weekly webcasts, guided tutorials, course materials, interaction with the instructor, and access to recorded instructional sessions. The modules cover three core topics: semantic technologies, linked data, and ontologies.

WHEN: 4 weeks (October 17 - November 7)
WHERE: Online
LEVEL: Introductory
WHO: Researchers, evangelists, and hobbyists who want to use semantic technologies
PRICE: $1,278
(SemanticWeb readers receive a 10% discount off the regular price of $1,420.)

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New Book: Applied Semantic Web Technologies

CRC Press has announced the publication of a new book on the semantic web entitled Applied Semantic Web Technologies. According to the announcement, “The rapid advancement of semantic web technologies, along with the fact that they are at various levels of maturity, has left many practitioners confused about the current state of these technologies. Focusing on the most mature technologies, Applied Semantic Web Technologies integrates theory with case studies to illustrate the history, current state, and future direction of the semantic web. It maintains an emphasis on real-world applications and examines the technical and practical issues related to the use of semantic technologies in intelligent information management.” Read more

How Web 3.0 is Changing the Way We Learn

A new article by Michael Green discusses how “the Semantic Web, Mobile Web, and the immersive Internet [are] changing the way we learn and deliver learning.” Green states, “The growing and central role of technology in organizational learning can be characterized as both a boon and a burden. While the benefits of emerging technologies are broad and unprecedented, it is nearly impossible to keep pace with the rapid evolution of these tools. Even as today’s technology experts discuss artificial intelligence, immersive virtual worlds, and the future of mobile devices, many organizations are still wrestling with how to best leverage online learning.” Read more