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The Internet of Things and the Corporate World


Bob Emmerson recently wrote an article in in which he stated, “Sky-high guesstimates for the Internet of Things–10B devices by 2016 (Cisco), 50B by 2020 (Ericsson)–can overshadow the importance of this concept in corporate environments. In this context, the Internet of Corporate Things is a more meaningful term. General Electric calls it the Industrial Internet. But whatever term you employ, a serious, significant development is taking shape.” Read more

Frost & Sullivan: Further Progress in M2M towards Internet of Things Requires a Focus on Security Risks

LONDON, June 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – In the next phase of M2M market development that is moving towards an Internet of Things (IoT) future, security requires a holistic approach. Huge increases are expected in the number of machines and objects that communicate with humans and other machines/objects, each processing real-time (or near real-time) data.  In such an M2M world, security must become a core component of an enterprise’s consideration when using M2M to achieve business objectives. Read more

A Smarter World with Machine-to-Machine Computing

Goutam Das of Business Today India recently discussed the fascinating steps that Balaji Lakshmanan, founder of Geeky Technology & Consulting is taking with machine-to-machine computing. Das writes, “Men double his age could easily get an inferiority complex looking at 34-year-old Balaji Lakshmanan’s resume. He has written and reviewed international papers on robotics, taught 5,000 students through workshops and has two provisional international patents. He has been ‘robotic consultant’ for a Tamil film featuring a superhero, Mugamoodi, and has delivered robots to the Indian Army. He also runs Geeky Technology & Consulting, whose domain name,, once again underlines his specialisation.” Read more

Creating Standards for the Internet of Things

Michael Vizard of Programmable Web recently wrote, “While just about everybody would agree that the Internet of Things within the context of machine-to-machine (M2M) applications is one of the next big things on the Web, turning that vision into reality has been problematic because of the lack of standards. To address that specific issue a cross-industry group called The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) has been promoting the adoption of a oneM2M initiative that promises to harmonize various standard initiatives in a way that should make the Internet of Things truly programmable.” Read more