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Facebook Graph Search: What’s It To Ya?

rsz_fbgraphsearchA new survey is just out reporting on how people are using Facebook. Just over 300 users were randomly selected by Stone Temple Consulting to gain some insight into Facebook feature awareness.

While not a definitive study (nor is it touted as one), one finding of interest to Semantic Web Blog readers is this: Below one-third of users have even heard of Graph Search, its functional semantic search engine for discovering relationships between entities in users’ networks of friends. It’s recently expanded from enabling queries around people, places, photos and interests culled from people’s profiles or pages (books your friends liked, for instance, or photos they took in San Francisco) to include searches of  status updates, photo captions, check-ins and comments. Of those who do know what Graph Search is, just over one-third said that they had used it.

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Facebook Debuts Graph Search; Is Open Graph Protocol In The Picture?

Photos your friends took in New York City. Restaurants in Chicago your friends have been to. People who like running and who live in Denver, Colorado. Friends of friends who are interested in ballroom dancing or hiking.

Facebook’s new Graph Search promises to find all those things, and more, for you. Mark Zuckerberg announced the new way to get really personal in your searches for people, photos, places and interests today at an event at the company’s headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif., and the company has put up an explanatory page on the new service here.

While it doesn’t mention Open Graph specifically, the protocol that lets apps model a person’s activities based on actions and objects, it makes sense that the app-specific actions it lets people share on Facebook are feeding into the new search feature.

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Facebook’s Push toward the Semantic Web

A recent interview takes a look at what Facebook’s recent platform changes mean for businesses. It begins, “Recently at f8, Facebook’s developer conference, the company introduced a series of action verbs into its social platform. ‘Read,’ ‘Watch,’ and ‘Listen,’ Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained, were added to help build a ‘language for how people connect.’ The one missing word, of course, was ‘Buy.’ That’s really why Facebook and its army of content partners from news, publishing, music, and film and TV are rushing to set up shop on the famous platform with 750 million users.” Read more