Linked Data projects in and of themselves are cool. But sometimes, one of them just stands out as even cooler. Such is the case with Linked Jazz, some 2900-triples strong in the service of identifying and revealing the network of social relationships among the jazz community.

Talk about all that jazz. The effort, led by Cristina Pattuelli, associate professor at the Pratt Institute School of Information and Library Science, includes a visualization tool developed by a graduate student there, Matthew Miller, that provides different and compelling ways to explore connections among the jazz greats and the lesser-knowns, as well. You can view individuals based on the number of connections they have, for instance, or on their shared connections.

“It can be used dynamically to click on an artist and see the pattern of all the connections around him, play a clip from YouTube, have a little bio,” Pattuelli says. It’s innovative, she says, because it runs direct from a browser. Read more