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Hello 2014 (Part 2)


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Picking up from where we left off yesterday, we continue exploring where 2014 may take us in the world of semantics, Linked and Smart Data, content analytics, and so much more.

Marco Neumann, CEO and co-founder, KONA and director, Lotico: On the technology side I am personally looking forward to make use of the new RDF1.1 implementations and the new SPARQL end-point deployment solutions in 2014 The Semantic Web idea is here to stay, though you might call it by a different name (again) in 2014.

Bill Roberts, CEO, Swirrl:   Looking forward to 2014, I see a growing use of Linked Data in open data ‘production’ systems, as opposed to proofs of concept, pilots and test systems.  I expect good progress on taking Linked Data out of the hands of specialists to be used by a broader group of data users.

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Hello 2014


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Yesterday we said a fond farewell to 2013. Today, we look ahead to the New Year, with the help, once again, of our panel of experts:

Phil Archer, Data Activity Lead, W3C:

For me the new Working Groups (WG) are the focus. I think the CSV on the Web WG is going to be an important step in making more data interoperable with Sem Web.

I’d also like to draw attention to the upcoming Linking Geospatial Data workshop in London in March. There have been lots of attempts to use Geospatial data with Linked Data, notably GeoSPARQL of course. But it’s not always easy. We need to make it easier to publish and use data that includes geocoding in some fashion along with the power and functionality of Geospatial Information systems. The workshop brings together W3C, OGC, the UK government [Linked Data Working Group], Ordnance Survey and the geospatial department at Google. It’s going to be big!

[And about] JSON-LD: It’s JSON so Web developers love it, and it’s RDF. I am hopeful that more and more JSON will actually be JSON-LD. Then everyone should be happy.

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PoolParty 3.0 Released

A new release of PoolParty has launched and according to one article, the new release boasts “new Linked Data capabilities that further unlock the potential that the Semantic Web can bring to improve your metadata management, to enhance your data with external knowledge and to ease data integration efforts within your organization and with your partners. In PoolParty 3.0 we created a Linked Data interlinking editor, making it easier than ever to add your own lookup and interlinking services (even for non-RDF sources) and made the Linked Data publishing front-end fully customizable in design, layout and regards to which parts of your content will be displayed.” Read more

Cool Jobs in the Semantic Sector

SAIC, a Fortune 500 scientific, engineering, and technology applications company based in Washington DC is searching for a Metadata Management and Semantic Web Technology Applied Analyst: “This position supports the initiatives of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) by designing, conducting, analyzing, and supporting metrics-based experiments and evaluations as part of an Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) featuring identity management/entity resolution tools.” The position requires at least eight years of experience and Top Secret security clearance.

In Boston, MA, Cypress Group is looking for a Senior Java Engineer “to work on the core of their semantic platform.” The job description continues, “The successful candidate will be a seasoned java professional with 5+ years of experience. This is an opportunity to join an extremely talented team pioneering Web 3.0 semantic technologies.” Read more